20mph Zone Delayed

Tring Living Magazine 20mph zone

After the chaos of the high street gas work closures, you’d be forgiven for not having noticed that work on the 20mph zone on Christchurch Road has been delayed – much to the frustration of Tring councillor Nick Hollinghurst.

After five years of fighting for the 20mph zone, work began earlier this summer, only to be stalled thanks to the ongoing high street closures.

‘We installed some of the signage, but had to make the decision to postpone completion because, with the high street closed, we simply couldn’t close Christchurch Road as well,’ says Nick Hollinghurst. ‘It’s frustrating but we had no choice.

‘Work will re-commence later this autumn, when the rest of the signage and the five speed tables will be installed.’

In the meantime, the hope is that people will drive more slowly and carefully anyway.

‘We want to make the town safer and more family-friendly by reducing the overall speed people drive,’ adds Nick. ‘People are now asking us whether we can do the same in the east of Tring as well, and I hope that we can.’