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A report from Ofcom last year on trust in news showed magazines as the most trusted source with 80% of respondents stating they were trustworthy; 82% indicating they were high quality and 84% agreeing that magazines offered ‘depth and analysis not offered elsewhere’. Read more here.

Berkhamsted Living Magazine and Tring Living Magazine are quarterly local lifestyle publications, well-liked and well-trusted in the areas that we serve.

As well as advertising in our printed magazines, we also offer the below alternatives. Click on a button to learn more.

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Modern Publishing Phenomenon

So much focus goes into digital these days that it can be easy to overlook the printed press when considering your marketing campaign. Specialist print titles and magazines are growing in number, with more than 400 new publications launching in 2018 alone. To find out more and reassure yourself and your business that there is most definitely a place for magazine advertising within your marketing mix, click here.

Living Magazines are published each quarter, in line with the seasons, and are the only local magazines offering guaranteed shrink-wrapped delivery to 21,622* addresses in the HP23 and HP4 postcode areas and surrounding villages by Royal Mail. *Royal Mail postcode data.

The shrink-wrapped delivery means that each magazine is ‘interacted with 4.64 times, with actions including opening, reading, and putting the mail piece on display, and passing it on to other people in the household’. Source: Printweek, March 2020.

  • 100% bespoke professionally-written, quality editorial unique to each town and unique to each publication
  • Written for an educated audience, our readers are likely to be between the age of 25-65+. Based on property prices in the areas we distribute, our readers are likely to have a good level of disposable income and be in the ABC1 demographic profile range
  • A healthy balance between editorial and advertising content always guaranteed
  • The longest established and trusted, local magazine for the areas of Berkhamsted and Tring
  • The only local magazines delivered by Royal Mail and to every household (and business) within the HP4 and HP23 postcodes

Gen Z spends more time reading print than they do on digital platforms. Find out more about this generation and their attitudes towards print.

Better Brand Recall

The internet has given us access to a wealth of information, but there are considerable benefits to incorporating both digital and printed media in your marketing campaign. Digital is instant, yet neuroscience research has shown that paper advertising is more effective than digital in terms of brand recall. To find out more, read our blog here. Isn’t it time to put your brand in the hands of the local community?

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Special rates are offered for businesses advertising in both magazines and over multiple issues.

To book your advertising, please contact us on tel: 01442 824300 or complete our contact form.

Berkhamsted Living Magazine was founded in 2001 and the impact was immediate: Berkhamsted Living won the Lloyds TSB/Berkhamsted and District Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award in 2002 for its services in promoting Berkhamsted. Tring Living Magazine opened in 2007 and prompted an invitation to a Royal Garden Party for the work it does in promoting Tring.