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Office design

Trends in Modern Office Design

An outdated office space is a real downer. Office design is constantly changing with new trends and styles, and it is remarkable the impact that this can have on your workforce. A modern, stylish office will not only look good, but it could also improve key metrics like morale, productivity, and even well-being. Companies are […]

Protecting credit score during divorce

Safeguarding Your Credit: How to Protect your Score During Divorce

Divorce is a difficult time, especially as it can affect your emotional wellbeing and financial stability. One critical aspect that is often overlooked is the impact of divorce on your credit score. The financial disentanglement from a spouse can lead to missed payments, increased debt, and credit report errors, all of which can significantly damage […]

Perfect Bound landscape edit


Pick your next beach book with our reviews of summer holiday reading from local authors. Perfect Bound By Lindsay Nicholson Published 18 July Lindsay Nicholson will be a familiar name to readers of magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Prima. In this memoir, she describes how, as a hugely successful magazine editor and director, who […]

Interior bright living room Scandinavian style with large armchair, coffee table, plants

Good on the Inside

Top tips for sustainable interior design. If you’re environmentally aware, perhaps you’ve already overhauled your wardrobe with greener alternatives; maybe you clean your home with as few chemicals as possible; and you might even have a couple of meat-free days a week. Yet what can your home interiors do to help the environment? Whether you’ve […]

Aerial view of red car for traveling with a roof rack on a country road in Finland

Ready, Set, Check

Ensuring your car is in fine fettle before it begins its journey is not just advisable – it could be the difference between a day out, mini-break, or week-long holiday… and staying put! Most of us have been there – a seemingly pleasant journey suddenly becomes the stuff of nightmares as your car suggests it’s […]

Victoria Sponge cake filled with blackberries and cream

The Hairy Biker’s Victoria Sponge

Following the tragic death of Dave Myers earlier this year, this Victoria Sponge (with a twist of blackberries and spiced cream!) is a poignant tribute to one half of the inspiring culinary duo. Ingredients Sponge Cakes 225g butter, softened 225g caster sugar 4 eggs 225g self-raising flour 1½ tbsp (30ml) lemon juice Icing sugar or […]

Herts police 1841

The Law Makers and Breakers of Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery provides a rich insight into the lives of those who lived in the town before us, a cross-section of society that includes both those who upheld the law and those who broke it. The Hertfordshire Constabulary was founded in 1841 and Henry Coulter, born in 1804, was one of the first members […]

View over the lake towards the west front at Claydon, Buckinghamshire ©National Trust Images / Arnhel de Serra

The Pirate of Pendley

A nobleman born at Pendley Manor, Sir Francis Verney became a pirate following a legal dispute over his inheritance… and was even the inspiration for an iconic Disneyland ride! Francis Verney was born in 1584 at Pendley Manor in Tring. His parents were Audrey Gardner and Sir Edmund Verney. Thanks to his father’s first and […]

Young minded woman wrapped in plaid writing down memories in notebook sitting on sofa at home spending free spare time in living room.

The Education Deliberation

The way we learn is evolving, yet research continues to highlight the benefits of traditional pen and paper note-taking over digital methods for students’ learning and retention. A recent published study of students across 10 countries that looked to examine the tools by which we choose to learn, revealed a preference for the writing of […]

Teenage schoolboys in safety goggles leaning closely to the table and watching chemical reaction going on in the flask

Reach for the Stars

Why natural talent isn’t necessarily a sign of your child’s potential. Looking back at the annals of history, the greats – Mozart, Picasso, Marie Curie – were great right from the start. Yet what if your son or daughter just isn’t showing signs of extraordinariness… or anything at all? According to psychologist, professor and author, […]

Guide to Digital Money

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Money

Many innovations have been made in financial technology in recent years, and the emergence of digital money has been front and centre. So, what is digital money, what are the different types and what are its pros and cons? We’ll answer all these questions below. What is digital money? Also sometimes called digital currency, digital […]