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No Mean Feet

Why our humble feet may be the lynchpin to overall physical health.  Us humans love to pamper ourselves, whether it be a relaxing back massage, a snazzy new hairstyle or a luxurious  manicure. Yet we often neglect the one part of our body that endures the most stress of all, and that’s our feet. Miles […]

Living Magazines Best Workouts for Every Age

Aged for Fitness

The best workouts for every age Generally speaking, the older we get, the less we feel like the lean, mean, dynamic machines we once were. That creaking sound when we rise up from our beds in the morning is not a loose headboard, it’s an ageing set of limbs! The reality though is staying fit […]

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Nailed It!

Give yourself a hand and make sure your nails stand out this party season! The shape of your nails can say quite a lot about you and your personality, and with so many shapes to choose from, you can say whatever you like! 1. Stiletto If you’re feeling bold and creative, this is the shape […]

Living Magazines Menopause and Resistance Training

Learn about the Menopause and Resistance Training

For some women, peri-menopause can be a welcoming stage of their life when you truly come into your own power, but the process of getting there can be rocky. Menopause describes the first day after having no periods for a consecutive 12 months. Peri-menopause however, is the time when you may experience symptoms such as: […]

Living Magazines Look after yourself Happy Emoji

Take Good Care of Yourself

Many of us have experienced changes in our circumstances over the past 18 months, so it’s important to look after ourselves, to be aware of potential mental health issues, and combat loneliness and isolation. No one can say the past 18 months or so haven’t been unusual – and challenging for many of us. A […]

Living Magazines Summer 2021 Hair and Skin

Here Comes Summer

The sun is shining and we’re allowed out! It’s time to get your skin back into shape and your hair shining Looking at ourselves on Zoom over the past few months has been quite an enlightening experience for many of us – and not necessarily in a good way! Be honest, unless you’re lucky enough […]

Living Magazines Spring Healthy Habits

Spring into Healthy Habits

Spring is a great time to begin your new road to a healthier lifestyle – we’ve compiled some simple ideas that should get you feeling fitter and looking good in no time… Hands up who has stuck to their New Year’s resolutions? No, us neither! January is not the best time to start a new […]

Living Magazines Winter Skin Glow

Get That Winter Glow

We may not be able to have huge parties over the festive season, but you can still look fabulous this winter, even if you are celebrating at home Winter beauty often concentrates on party make-up and hair ideas, but as we write this, it’s not clear quite what Christmas will look like this year. Whatever […]

Living Magazines gentle exercising

Take It Easy on Yourself

You don’t have to pound the streets or whizz up and down country lanes on two wheels to get fit. Here’s our guide to a more gentle way of exercising There were two kinds of people over lockdown – those who busily posted up their latest 10km run route, and those who busily took a […]

Living Magazines Mental Health brain and sky

Look After your Mind

During isolation, it became more important than ever to stay positive and boost your mental health. As we emerge, it will be just as important to look after yourself In these worrying times, it can be hard to stay positive. As we go to print, we’re still in lockdown and it looks as though it […]