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Living Magazines gentle exercising

Take It Easy on Yourself

You don’t have to pound the streets or whizz up and down country lanes on two wheels to get fit. Here’s our guide to a more gentle way of exercising There were two kinds of people over lockdown – those who busily posted up their latest 10km run route, and those who busily took a […]

Living Magazines Mental Health brain and sky

Look After your Mind

During isolation, it became more important than ever to stay positive and boost your mental health. As we emerge, it will be just as important to look after yourself In these worrying times, it can be hard to stay positive. As we go to print, we’re still in lockdown and it looks as though it […]

Living Magazines Jogging

Jog On!

Fancy getting outside and getting fit? Here’s how to get running and stay injury-free It’s the London Marathon next month and if you always find yourself watching the runners completing the gruelling course and thinking, ‘I fancy doing that one day’, why not make this the year you do it? Whether you’re a complete beginner […]

Living Magazines Winter skin

Get Beautiful Winter Skin

Keep skin glowing all winter long with our expert advice When it’s cold outside and the central heating’s on, your skin can feel tight and dry. We spoke to Natasha Dauncey from Apothaka in Berkhamsted and Lucie Fountain from Elementary Skincare in Tring about keeping your skin looking good all winter. 1. Cover it If […]

Living Magazines wear it pink

Wear it Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s how you can get involved. Hearing the news that you’ve got breast cancer is devastating – and for roughly 1,015 women in Hertfordshire every year, this becomes the reality. Nationwide, one in eight women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and 18 […]

Living Magazines Jane Wake

Work Your Inner Core For A Flawless Pelvic Floor

Pilates instructor and INNOVO ambassador Jane Wake advises to do five quick and simple exercises to work the inner core The women’s health fitness expert recommends starting with one exercise a day, building up to a full workout with all five exercises, 3 times a week Incontinence and postnatal body issues are major health concerns for […]

Living Magazines Plasma Pen before during and after

Plasma Pen Treatment

We put a brand new treatment to the test Most of us dream of looking younger without having to go under the knife, don’t we? As we age, our skin thins and produces less collagen, all of which combines to make our skin look older and more wrinkled. Plasma Pen treatment is a brand new […]

Living Magazines Menopause

A Man’s Guide to the Menopause

Yes, you read that right – this is the MAN’S guide to the menopause! Every single woman goes through it, yet it’s barely talked about. Here we give a man’s guide to the menopause to help you give her the support she needs. You’ve heard of it, but aside from mood changes in your other […]

Living Magazines View west from Eggardon Hill in Dorset, at sunset

Out And About

Get fit and stimulate your mind at the same time – why exercising outdoors is so good for you   If you’ve ever been for a long country walk you’ll know how satisfied you feel when you get home. That’s because exercising outdoors can have huge benefits both physically and mentally. Sadly though, most Brits […]

Lving Magazines Party Time

Party Time!

Get the latest make-up and hair looks to really dazzle this party season! You could just stick a piece of tinsel in your hair and a pair of novelty Santa earrings in your lobes – or you could choose to really shine this Christmas with the latest party looks for hair and face. We spoke […]

Living Magazines Healthy this Christmas

Stay Safe and Healthy This Christmas

Christmas is fun – but it can also make you feel tired, bloated and stressed. Here’s how to stay healthy this festive season Christmas is a time for eating, drinking and enjoying yourself. But that’s after all the stress of preparing, buying presents, parties and late nights. Add all that into the mix and it […]

Berkhamsted and Tring Living Magazines Set of beautiful red lips on white

Make It Permanent

Removable make-up is so last season! What’s your morning routine like? If you’re one of those people who can just get up, run a brush through your hair and leave the house, then that’s brilliant. But for most of us, it takes a little more time to get ready in the morning–and for many, applying make-up […]