Let’s Hear it for the Boys

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Men’s attire may not hit the heady or extroverted heights associated with women’s fashion, but there’s plenty to be excited about this summer for the man who has a fashion plan. Here are some must-have items that could be making a path to a wardrobe near you.

Light jackets

The return of what some might consider an Eighties throwback akin to shell suits and outrageously  colourful ski wear has been provoked by the appearance of a Quiksilver jacket in the town of Hawkins, in hit Netflix drama Stranger Things.

The item was crafted as part of a collaboration with the costume department of the hit show, reminding  us of arcades, skateboards and retro summer vibes from a simpler era.

Surf and ski aviators

The classic Top Gun aviators have undergone something of a redesign in recent years, with surf and ski versions moving this iconic classic from the high-octane fast lane and onto the rather more salubrious  climes of Val Thorens and Courchevel.

‘Stay baggy’ tapered jeans

Tapered baggy denim is back. After the likes of Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber pushed the look hard in 2022, the industry has responded by rolling out a delectable depth of dynamic denim that will drive that  classic stonewashed look this year.

Baggy jeans not only look good as streetwear, skate wear and as voluminous vintage, they’re ultra-comfortable too!

Plain shorts

Whereas in previous years the shorts vibe has varied from sport to camouflage, summer 2023 will see a  return to simple cotton, straight cuts and uncomplicated designs.

Functionality is being taken to be as important as flair, so expect durability, simple shades, pocket space  aplenty and, of course, a cool and comfortable feel.

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

We’ve all been invited to a party that brands itself under the ‘smart/casual’ tag, and it often feels like the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 was designed for every gathering.

There is no better nor more iconic fashion trainer than the Tiger – with a variety of colours ensuring an appropriate match with any dress code, any time, any place.

Lightweight shirts

This summer will see the return of the roomy, flowing shirt. Whites, greys and sky blues will dominate the high streets, putting to one side those dark, dusky tones and styles that seem to have patterned our social outings for the past couple of years.

The fact lightweight fabrics will rule the roost must imply we’re in for a summer of high temperatures and radiant sunshine. Perhaps the fashion fraternity know something we don’t!