Mindful Movement: Discover Feldenkrais

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Josephine Horder of Movement and Mind tells us all about her Awareness Through Movement classes and the Feldenkrais Method.

Awareness Through Movement classes

Lying comfortably on the floor, Jo will guide you verbally through a process of self-observation, often starting with breathing, then progressing to a sequence of slow, gentle movements. She’ll ask questions designed to heighten your awareness of your movements, sensations, feelings and thoughts. There are frequent rests (for reflection) and regular reminders to care for your own comfort and reduce effort.


The Feldenkrais Method has the potential to benefit us all in some way. Through developing more refined awareness, you discover yourself from the inside out and learn how to care for yourself more kindly and effectively. You explore a range of possibilities for easier movement, fostering a sense of wellbeing and confidence. You experience a relaxing, supportive, noncompetitive environment in which to recover from stress or injury and move out of pain.

The Feldenkrais Method

The method offers a unique way of making lasting improvements in our lives through the medium of movement. By calming the mind as we are guided through gentle movements, by asking questions about our sensations in order to focus our self-awareness, the method exploits our innate capacity for curiosity and limitless learning. We learn how to move through the world with greater ease, co-ordination, flexibility and grace. You can experience the method via group classes and also individual sessions. Both forms are practical and accessible to people of all ages, whatever your fitness level or state of health.

For more information and a free taster class, please visit www.feldenkrais-westherts.co.uk or call 01442 822732.