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Living Magazines Movement and Mind Feldenkrais Method

Mindful Movement: Discover Feldenkrais

Josephine Horder of Movement and Mind tells us all about her Awareness Through Movement classes and the Feldenkrais Method. Awareness Through Movement classes Lying comfortably on the floor, Jo will guide you verbally through a process of self-observation, often starting with breathing, then progressing to a sequence of slow, gentle movements. She’ll ask questions designed […]

Winter garden - Great Tit on branch with berries

Berry Nice Indeed

Warming those winter garden vistas with some bursts of festive colour. We all fear the greying gloom of winter, yet with the use of berry-producing plants and trees, your outside space can quickly adopt all the sprigs and sprays of summer. Those showcasing winter berries are easy to grow, hardy and resilient. More than that, […]

Living Magazines Tring High Street 1910

Tring’s Old Nick: Take a Tour

Tring’s High Street Police Station is the oldest in the county – discover its history and take a tour… Many Tring residents might pass by the blue door on the high street without realising what it is – but behind the heavy door is a historic building, the oldest police station in the county, which […]

Living Magazines Wool Knitwear

Wool and the Gang

How knitwear became cool again. For some of us, knitwear evokes uncomfortable memories of itchy, misshapen cardigans in garish hues and patterns knitted by one’s nan or elderly aunt. It is a giant leap therefore to appreciate just how cool those same woollies, and all associated needlecraft, have now become. Modern knitwear In some ways […]

Living Magazines The Wartime Bookshop


Snuggle up this winter and indulge yourself with these great reads from local authors. The Wartime Bookshop By Lesley Eames I read this book in one sitting on a rainy afternoon. Set in a Hertfordshire village during the Second  World War, it follows the lives of three very different women, each in need of a […]

Living Magazines Chilterns Recipe Book_Chocolate Truffles image

Chocolate Truffles

These easy-to-make truffles are perfect for last-minute Christmas gifts or a special after-dinner treat.  You can fill them with all sorts of flavours and textures. Turn them into snowball truffles by rolling them in desiccated coconut. This recipe features in The Chilterns Recipe Book (available now), produced and compiled by Rebecca  Fleckney, which celebrates the […]

Living Magazines Bailey & Sons Castle Street

A Tale of Three Families

Berkhamsted’s Bailey & Sons jewellers celebrates its 150th birthday this year – but the history of the business is intertwined with three different families. Bailey & Sons was founded by the Bailey Family on Castle Street in Berkhamsted in 1872 – they were jewellers and silversmiths and watch and clockmakers. John Henry Worner Bailey, who […]

Living Magazines Tring Yoga Studio

Tring Yoga Studio

Tucked away in a quiet street just off Tring High Street is a dedicated yoga studio offering a nurturing environment in which to explore how yoga can transform your life. In our over-stimulated and stressful lives, yoga gifts us the time to slow down and focus inwards. Connecting body, mind and breath which allows us […]

Anselm Barker, Tring Park

Supporting Your Talented Child in the Performing Arts

Anselm Barker, Deputy Principal at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts gives us his top tips for supporting your talented child. It is a wonderful moment when a child discovers an interest they are passionate about and show a real  talent for. Whether it be dance, acting or music, the performing arts give young […]

Living Magazines The Feldenkrais Method

Mindful Movement

Introducing the Feldenkrais Method Would you benefit from some mindful ‘me-time’, to regenerate and rejuvenate? Do you suffer from day-to-day aches and pains, such as wear and tear from standing all day,  working at a computer, uncomfortable seats or strenuous activity? Do you feel limited by illness, injury or disability? The Feldenkrais Method has the […]