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Baby sleeping

Sweet Dreams for Your Little One

The world of baby sleep can be overwhelming, and there is so much information out there that you can feel like you have ‘analysis paralysis’. If your little one is struggling with sleep, it can take its toll on the whole family, including your relationships, mood, health and mental health. Wouldn’t it be great if […]

Learning to drive

Learning to Drive as a Student: What you Should Know

Are you debating whether or not you should be driving while in education? Here are the facts about learning to drive as a student to help you make the decision that will benefit you best. It’s time-consuming The first thing to consider when learning to drive is whether you have enough time. While there is […]

Green Energy Solutions

The Role of Boilers in Green Energy Solutions

Boilers play an integral role in everyone’s home. From heating it through the cold winter months to providing hot water for your morning showers, life is made a lot easier with the help of these devices. However, traditional boilers aren’t necessarily the most environmentally friendly option and can contribute to the ongoing climate crisis. Eco-friendly […]

Teen Girl - AdobeStock_97489681

Empower the Teen Girls in your Life

As a girl experiences her teenage years she faces many different pressures, often affecting her confidence. It’s not easy to help girls build their self-belief, but there’s plenty we can do. Here’s three tips to empower teen girls to see the amazing individuals they are. 1. She’s unique! One of the contradictions of teenage life […]

Cherry Tree - AdobeStock_415667260


Discover a brilliant variety of trees perfect for small gardens, each with their unique charm and benefits. Creating a beautiful, space-efficient garden presents a delightful and rewarding challenge, particularly when it comes to selecting the perfect trees for small spaces. This requires careful consideration of size, growth habits and seasonal changes to ensure each tree […]

Sustainable products

How Manufacturers are Creating Sustainable Products

Sustainability is now commonly at the forefront of business processes including packaging, design and manufacturing. Reducing waste means contributing to environmentally friendly practices but it can also help improve efficiency and productivity. With consumers now seeking out ethical manufacturers across a range of products, it’s in a business’ best interests to cultivate new ways of […]

Mature man working from contemporary home

Too Old to be Told?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but our ability to learn is much more complex than that, and the yearning for new information and new education in adulthood is one we should embrace… and the research proves it! Recent research has shown that as we make our way through life, our […]

GREENWASHING - AdobeStock_605576797

The Great ‘Greenwashing’ Scandal

Think you’re a savvy eco-consumer? Think again… Those of us who remember a time when recycling bins didn’t stand like planet-saving sentinels outside every home in Britain, will also recall that phrases such as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘clean’ were not words used in the lexicon of brand advertising. These days however, you can almost guarantee […]

Peter Sidwell's Prune and Orange Hot Cross Buns

Peter Sidwell’s Prune and Orange Hot Cross Buns

As a master baker and judge of ITV’s Britain’s Best Bakery, Peter Sidwell knows a thing or two about hot cross buns, as this fragrant and delicious recipe testifies. Ingredients For the buns: 25g unsalted butter 500g strong flour (50:50 white and wholemeal), plus extra white flour for dusting 7g yeast & salt 50g caster […]

Ann Parker The Deadly Detective Agency cover


Our choice of spring reads from local authors. The Deadly Detective Agency By Ann Parker It’s not often you get to solve your own murder, but that’s exactly what happens to Abigail Summers when she wakes up dead! Set in Becklesfield, a fictional village in the Chilterns, Abigail finds herself working with psychic Hayley Moon […]