Green Energy Solutions

The Role of Boilers in Green Energy Solutions

Boilers play an integral role in everyone’s home. From heating it through the cold winter months to providing hot water for your morning showers, life is made a lot easier with the help of these devices. However, traditional boilers aren’t necessarily the most environmentally friendly option and can contribute to the ongoing climate crisis. Eco-friendly […]

Sustainable products

How Manufacturers are Creating Sustainable Products

Sustainability is now commonly at the forefront of business processes including packaging, design and manufacturing. Reducing waste means contributing to environmentally friendly practices but it can also help improve efficiency and productivity. With consumers now seeking out ethical manufacturers across a range of products, it’s in a business’ best interests to cultivate new ways of […]

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The Great ‘Greenwashing’ Scandal

Think you’re a savvy eco-consumer? Think again… Those of us who remember a time when recycling bins didn’t stand like planet-saving sentinels outside every home in Britain, will also recall that phrases such as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘clean’ were not words used in the lexicon of brand advertising. These days however, you can almost guarantee […]

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Spinning a New Yarn

The route towards making your wardrobe a little greener by recycling your old clothes, renting instead of buying, and opting for more sustainable fabrics going forward. Fast fashion is falling spectacularly out of fashion. Of course, it’s still a thriving industry, but many of us are becoming wise to the fact that no one really […]

Living Magazines Helping the environment

The Green 13

Want to play your part in helping the environment this summer but unsure where to start? Here are 13 easy routes to green greatness. 01 Reusable water bottle Hydration is vital in the summer months, but do it whilst ensuring you have a reusable water bottle that breaks the habit of constantly buying plastic disposables […]