Good on the Inside

Interior bright living room Scandinavian style with large armchair, coffee table, plants

Top tips for sustainable interior design.

If you’re environmentally aware, perhaps you’ve already overhauled your wardrobe with greener alternatives; maybe you clean your home with as few chemicals as possible; and you might even have a couple of meat-free days a week.

Yet what can your home interiors do to help the environment? Whether you’ve a big renovation project coming up or just fancy a spruce, these tips will help you make sustainable choices.

Upcycle and repurpose

Give new life to old furniture and materials by upcycling or repurposing them into unique pieces. This not only reduces waste (and landfill) but also adds character and creativity to your space. Also, invest in decent, solid furniture that’s going to last for decades, over the flimsy and cheap alternatives.

Incorporate indoor plants

Research has shown that spending time in nature is a great way to relieve stress and calm your nervous system, so bringing a little outdoors in will improve your mood as well as your planet-loving credentials.

Be paint smart

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals found in many traditional paints that can release harmful pollutants into the air. Low-VOC and zero-VOC paints contain significantly lower levels of these compounds, reducing indoor air pollution and potential health risks. You can also buy natural paints
that may include substances like clay, lime, plant oils, and natural pigments, though they are generally more expensive.

Select sustainable fabrics

Choose textiles made from natural, organic, or recycled materials. Linen, hemp and bamboo are all fantastic for interiors. Also, you can give the local wool industry a boost by choosing organic wool from an ethically-run farm.

Shop local

Prioritise products from local artisans and sustainable brands that prioritise ethical sourcing, fair labour practices, and environmentally friendly production methods. You’re also more likely to get an item which is unique from a local craftsperson.