The Green 13

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Want to play your part in helping the environment this summer but unsure where to start? Here are 13 easy routes to green greatness.

01 Reusable water bottle

Hydration is vital in the summer months, but do it whilst ensuring you have a reusable water bottle that breaks the habit of constantly buying plastic disposables in shops.

02 Eat local

If you can source local producers from which to buy your food, the positive effect on the environment is huge. Not only will what you eat have real provenance, it will also be fresher having travelled a shorter  distance to the plate.

03 Composting

Composting is a sure-fire way to reduce waste, whilst reinvesting in matter that will complete the circle in helping your garden grow.

04 Use natural energy

Using a fan instead of putting on the air conditioning will save on electricity; and why not return to the traditional outdoor clothes drying methods rather than using appliances indoors?

Rain water05 Collect rainwater

It seems in the UK even the smallest stint of warm weather is followed by the threat of a hosepipe ban. So instead of draining the mains water supply, collect rainwater and store in barrels – it can then be used when needed to water your plants and garden.

06 Use less water

Consider cutting back on water usage, if possible. Shower instead of bath – installing a water-saving showerhead – use bathing water from pets on plants, and definitely turn off water whilst shaving or brushing teeth.

07 Pick up a picnic

You can be as green as the park you’re sitting in if everything you use can be recycled – think paper plates, napkins, straws and reusable cups.

08 Great grass management

If you have a petrol-driven lawnmower, change to electric and reduce the emissions you’re putting out in your green space. If that’s not possible, let the grass grow a bit longer – that’s good for garden dwellers as well as the environment.

09 Change your car

The big drive is to adopt electric vehicles, but even switching to a smaller car, or removing from your vehicle items you don’t need that add weight and use up fuel, can have a really positive effect on the environment.

10 Keep up the (tyre) pressure

Similarly, make sure your vehicle’s tyres are correctly inflated. Flat or poorly maintained tyres require more energy, meaning greater fuel consumption.

Wildflowers11 Grow wildflowers

Planting wildflower seeds in the spring will see them appear the same year, encouraging bees and insects and improving your environmental ecosystem.

12 Check your home for draughts

While you’ll truly feel the benefit of draught exclusion in the winter months, there’s all-year-round benefit from ensuring heat isn’t escaping from gaps in your home.

13 Help clean beaches

Finally, whether your local area is a park, a beach, a field or a rocky outcrop, a quick sweep for rubbish once a week – perhaps as part of a local community project – will not only make things visually pleasing, but will help the flora and fauna who reside there.