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Clare Swatman A Love To Last A Lifetime cover


Read your way into spring with this selection of books from local authors. A Love to Last a Lifetime by Clare Swatman If your first love came back into your life, would you risk a happy marriage for the one that got away?  This bittersweet love story charts the dilemma of Erin, who is married […]

Living Magazines Executive Coaching

4 Reasons Why Local Business Leaders Need Executive Coaching

Being a local business leader comes with many responsibilities, including developing a business plan and training employees. This is why successful UK business leaders list the top leadership qualities you must show as trust and adaptability. You need to trust that your plan will work and that your employees will do their best for your […]

Chilterns Recipe Book_Shortbread

Infused Rapeseed Oil Shortbread

These delicious and easy-to-make biscuits are great to bake with children as they can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. Experiment with all sorts of flavours by using different oils. This recipe features in the Chilterns Recipe Book (available via chilternsrecipebook.co.uk and many local shops). The book celebrates the best independent food […]

Portrait of Nell Gwynn

The Dames of Tring Park

Tring park is a favourite place for a walk, but has a fascinating history – including being the home of two famous actresses… Have you ever walked past the white folly in Tring Park and wondered why it was there? The white ‘porch’ with pillars is actually what remains of a summerhouse. And it had […]

Living Magazines Augustus John Smith

A Life Well Lived

Augustus Smith is a name entwined with Berkhamsted’s history – from the Battle of Berkhamsted Common to the creation of the town’s first elementary school. Berkhamsted has a link with the Isles of Scilly thanks to a 19th-century resident, whose name will be familiar to readers who went to school in the town in the […]


Sweet Dreams

Recent research suggests around 10% of the world’s population – and up to 33% of Brits – suffer from sleep deprivation. Symptoms include not being able to drift off, waking up in the middle of the night, and not being able get back to sleep once awake. Yet by managing sleep routine, it’s possible to […]

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Aldbury, Ashridge and Tring Park

A choice of stile-free walks visiting Aldbury, Ashridge and Tring Park. DISTANCE: Full walk 8 miles/13km; Ashridge only option 5.8 miles/9.2km; Wigginton 5 miles/8km TERRAIN: Easy walking on good paths with numerous gates. The full walk has two main uphill sections (total ascent 850ft/260m). Both shorter routes have one climb. The Ashridge option has a […]

Gold Interior shutterstock_1066328417

Going for Gold

All that glitters isn’t gold…add in a bit of yellow too! For a long time, gold’s reputation as an interior décor colour was anything but opulent – a generation of faux variants had left the world’s most precious metal flagging rather. Yet its return, along with a resurgence of yellow that’s as far from the […]

Common blackbird - male (Turdus merula)

Garden Sing-Along

Bring music to your life by attracting your own dawn chorus. There’s nothing more soothing and calming than waking up to a fresh, sunny, dew-glistening garden,  nitrates lifting up off the soil and the gentle tweets, chirps and warbles made by an array of beautiful birds. Nature’s early-morning concert is one of the summer’s greatest […]

Living Magazines Rose and Crown Kings Langley

Crowning Glory

The Rose and Crown in Kings Langley has recently reopened after a stunning refurbishment. Naomi MacKay and Alison Page dropped by for dinner… The latest in a line of local pubs taking a step up to become a destination for great dining in comfortable surroundings is the Rose and Crown in Kings Langley. The refurbishment […]

Living Magazines Tring Park Walk

Circular Walk Around Tring Park

The old market town of Tring’s most well-known residents were the Rothschild family and this walk explores their influence on the town and the surrounding countryside. It includes a world famous museum, a magnificent village hall, a few follies and the all year round beauty of Tring Park. DISTANCE: 4.2miles TERRAIN: Easy walking on paths […]

Living Magazines Movement and Mind Feldenkrais Method

Mindful Movement: Discover Feldenkrais

Josephine Horder of Movement and Mind tells us all about her Awareness Through Movement classes and the Feldenkrais Method. Awareness Through Movement classes Lying comfortably on the floor, Jo will guide you verbally through a process of self-observation, often starting with breathing, then progressing to a sequence of slow, gentle movements. She’ll ask questions designed […]