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A Presidential Connection

Among the many distinguished residents in its history, Tring numbers ancestors of the first president of the United States. Who would have thought that a small market town in Hertfordshire could have played such an important part in the foundation of the United States? Yet it was, because the great great grandparents of the United […]

Living Magazines Berkhamsted Courthouse

Building on the Town’s History

Taking a closer look at some of Berkhamsted’s historic buildings. When you live or work in the town, it’s easy to not notice some of the fabulous buildings you pass as you hurry to the office or head out to do the shopping. But next time you’re on the High Street, take a moment to […]

Living Magazines Berkhamsted Trails

Berkhamsted Trails: A Hiker’s Paradise Unveiled

If you are an avid hiker and you are keen to find new landscapes to explore in the UK, you’ll find a wealth of stunning locations and breathtaking trails to choose from. One of the most popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts to spend days hiking around trails is undoubtedly Berkhamsted. This article will highlight some […]

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Making the Most of your Staircase

Staircases are an often-overlooked feature in many homes and an area where space can easily go to waste. When you consider that in many properties, the staircase is front and centre when you enter the home, it’s a shame not to utilise this area to its full advantage and highlight its best features. If you […]

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Exploring Bedfordshire’s Tranquil Pathways on Foot

Bedfordshire is packed full of beautiful walks, with something to capture the imagination of every walker. All you will need to do is lace up your boots and keep your fingers crossed the rain stays away! Popular routes such as the 40-mile Greensand Ridge Walk are easily accessible by rail. This takes the stress of […]

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Support Local Businesses

There is a wealth of local talent right on your doorstep. The next time you’re thinking of changing suppliers or looking for a new service provider, think LOCAL FIRST. We’re often surprised by the range and breadth of businesses and services within our local community. Our area has a wealth of creative services, from florists, […]

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Stepping into the New Year

You don’t need to hit the reset button on your fitness New Year resolutions if you maintain a balance throughout the year. One refreshingly simple way to strike this equilibrium? Incorporate a daily walk  into your routine. The Benefits Combatting the festive calories: As the festive season rolls on, the continual pull of decadent Christmas […]