Teenage schoolboys in safety goggles leaning closely to the table and watching chemical reaction going on in the flask

Reach for the Stars

Why natural talent isn’t necessarily a sign of your child’s potential. Looking back at the annals of history, the greats – Mozart, Picasso, Marie Curie – were great right from the start. Yet what if your son or daughter just isn’t showing signs of extraordinariness… or anything at all? According to psychologist, professor and author, […]

Baby sleeping

Sweet Dreams for Your Little One

The world of baby sleep can be overwhelming, and there is so much information out there that you can feel like you have ‘analysis paralysis’. If your little one is struggling with sleep, it can take its toll on the whole family, including your relationships, mood, health and mental health. Wouldn’t it be great if […]

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Empower the Teen Girls in your Life

As a girl experiences her teenage years she faces many different pressures, often affecting her confidence. It’s not easy to help girls build their self-belief, but there’s plenty we can do. Here’s three tips to empower teen girls to see the amazing individuals they are. 1. She’s unique! One of the contradictions of teenage life […]

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Steps to Secondary Success

The move from primary to secondary school can be daunting for a child, but there is plenty you can do as a parent to ensure a smooth and happy transition. As a new school year looms, many children across the UK will be preparing to begin their journey at  secondary (or senior) school. Naturally, this […]

Living Magazines Kids Eyesight Screen Time pexels-photo-7414065

How to Protect Your Kids’ Eyesight From Too Much Screen Time

Kids have access to all kinds of gadgets these days. While devices like computers, tablets, and mobile phones have given them access to different learning and entertaining resources, these also result in more screen time. That’s especially true at home, where they have leisure time and access to various gadgets. In the long run, this […]

Living Magazines holidays with children

Tiny Travellers

Holidays with children don’t have to be a drag – follow these tips to relieve the travel tedium. Travelling with children can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be challenging. Fortunately, there  are small steps you can take to make your vacation a memorable experience for the right reasons (not the meltdowns at […]

Anselm Barker, Tring Park

Supporting Your Talented Child in the Performing Arts

Anselm Barker, Deputy Principal at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts gives us his top tips for supporting your talented child. It is a wonderful moment when a child discovers an interest they are passionate about and show a real  talent for. Whether it be dance, acting or music, the performing arts give young […]

Living Magazines Kids First School

First School Steps

What you need to consider when applying for a school place for the first time. As the new school year begins, many of us will have an eye towards next September when our youngsters will be embarking on the school journey for the first time. While the excitement associated with seeing kids take their first […]

Living Magazines University clearing

In the Clear

The university ‘clearing’ process and what you need to know. What is Clearing? Clearing is the process by which students who haven’t made their A-Level grades or fulfilled the conditions of their  first-choice Higher Education offer of a place can still plot a route to university. Around three-quarters of those who use clearing fall into […]

Living Magazines Benefits of pets for children

Happy Fish, Happy Child?

The benefits of fish, and other pets, for the development of our young ones When the subject of pets creeps into the conversation in an already bustling family home, the tendency of parents is usually to state they have enough on their plates without the added maintenance of a cat, dog, hamster or pygmy goat. […]

Making for Mindfulness

After the tough couple of years our children have had, taking time out is more important than ever. Arts and crafts is the perfect way to do that! Children have been through some thoroughly unsettling times over the past couple of years. A global pandemic, lockdowns, remote schooling, bubble closures and isolation. So it’s no […]

Living Magazines Whipsnade Zoo's Amur Tigers Makari Czar and Dmitri (c) ZSL Zookeeper Jame Ford

Animal Magic

At last we can get out and about with the family. Many animal parks and attractions have had a hard time, closed during lockdown, with no visitors to bring in much-needed funds. Let’s make the most of summer and give them all the support we can! Folly’s Farm – Home of Rest For Donkeys & […]