Sweet Dreams for Your Little One

Baby sleeping

The world of baby sleep can be overwhelming, and there is so much information out there that you can feel like you have ‘analysis paralysis’. If your little one is struggling with sleep, it can take its toll on the whole family, including your relationships, mood, health and mental health. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone who could help you clear the fog and get your family onto the sleep support path that was best for them?

Charlotte Evans from Berkhamsted, mum of two and founder of The Good Snooze Company, explains that, when considering sleep training, many parents are put off by the sheer amount of information available online, the thought of their little one being left to cry it out, or wondering if the approach they have chosen will have the desired effect.

The term Sleep Training is a little mis-leading, as babies don’t need to be ‘trained’ to fall asleep – sleep is a biological human need. A preferred term would be Sleep Support, as we are supporting our little ones with falling asleep independently in their own sleep space. By encouraging and supporting babies to fall asleep independently, we are giving them the skills and the tools to be able to sleep through the night, and nap well during the day.

It’s not just the sleep support method you choose that can make a difference to your baby or toddler’s sleep. It is important to take a holistic view of everything in your little one’s world, including their daytime activities, bedtime routine, sleep environment and much more, to build a personalised plan for how to best support your child. Although the cry-it-out and interval sleep training methods (such as the famous Ferber technique) are effective and have been proven not to negatively affect a baby’s bond with their carer, many parents would prefer to use a more gentle and responsive method with their little one.

Charlotte is a certified Infant Sleep Practitioner and uses responsive yet effective sleep support methods. You’ll find some free resources on her website at www.thegoodsnoozecompany.co.uk.