Clare Swatman A Love To Last A Lifetime cover


Read your way into spring with this selection of books from local authors. A Love to Last a Lifetime by Clare Swatman If your first love came back into your life, would you risk a happy marriage for the one that got away?  This bittersweet love story charts the dilemma of Erin, who is married […]

Living Magazines The Wartime Bookshop


Snuggle up this winter and indulge yourself with these great reads from local authors. The Wartime Bookshop By Lesley Eames I read this book in one sitting on a rainy afternoon. Set in a Hertfordshire village during the Second  World War, it follows the lives of three very different women, each in need of a […]

Living Magazines Books The Feather Thief


A mixed selection of reads from or about the local area. The Feather Thief By Kirk W Johnson This is a slight diversion from our normal book reviews, which generally feature local authors. Our  publisher Alison was intrigued by this title and had been wanting to read The Feather Thief for some  time. She writes: […]

Hypnotic by Sherry Hostler


The latest reads from our bevy of local authors! Hypnotic By Sherry Hostler Is it possible to hypnotise someone to do something unthinkable – like commit a murder? You’ll find out in Sherry  Hostler’s debut novel Hypnotic. In this contemporary psychological thriller, Tom takes part in a university experiment – but it’s not what he […]

Living Magazines Before We Grow Old Cover


Plan a few quiet nights in reading one of these books, all with a local interest Before We Grow Old By Clare Swatman Former Living Magazines editor Clare has just published her latest book, Before We Grow Old. This love story spans  20 years, as it examines how love can last a lifetime, even if […]

Living Magazines lies beyond the woods


Snuggle up on the couch with some great reads by local authors to keep you company. Lies Beyond The Woods By Fiona Thomas After Emily makes a grim discovery while on holiday in Cornwall, a number of strange events play on her paranoia.  What lies and secrets are those around her hiding? This is a […]

Living Magazines Finding Linda (with WPC Janice Morton) Cover

Latest Books from our Local and Regional Authors

The latest reads from our bevy of local authors! Finding Linda By JH Harris From, bookshops and Amazon Out now This novel introduces young WPC Janice Morton, who is juggling her workload with a desire to uncover the truth  about her childhood playmate’s disappearance 10 years earlier. Author Julie Harris gave us her synopsis: […]

Living Magazines Ends of the Earth

Latest Books from our Local and Regional Authors

Whether you’re on holiday or just sitting in the garden, here’s some great reads from local authors to enjoy over the summer Ends of the Earth By Ian P Buckingham Published by: Green Cat Books Out this summer The second book in Ian’s trilogy has a rather timely subject. Following on the story of a […]

Living Magazines Catherine Alliott Behind Closed Doors

The Latest Books from our Local and Regional Authors

Catherine Alliott, queen of romantic comedy As bestseller and Tring author Catherine releases her 16th novel, Behind Closed Doors, Living caught up with her to talk about her favourite places around the area Catherine’s latest novel, Behind Closed Doors, is set in Oxfordshire, when her heroine moves in with her elderly parents after being unexpectedly […]

Living Magazines Sorry I was Miles Away

Latest Books from our Local and Regional Authors

Sorry, I Was Miles Away By Mike Wall Published by: Cow Roast Associated Publishing Out now Apparently Mike missed so much at school while staring out of the window, he thought he should revisit some of what he missed and see if it mattered. He found it didn’t! This book covers everything from gravity to […]

Living Magazines Atkins_Million Dreams

Latest books from our local and regional authors

A Million Dreams By Dani Atkins Published by: Head of Zeus Out now The story tracks Beth Brandon and Izzy Vaughan and their mutual families, through love and friendship. Both must make heart-wrenching decisions that will affect the rest of their adult lives. A superb read that will grip you from the first page! Dani […]

Living Magazines Inspiration in Isolation logo creative writing

Covid-19 Inspired Creative Writing

Berkhamsted-based Michelle Stevens tells us how and why she and old school friend Clair Whitefield set up a website to showcase creative writing inspired by Covid-19 and lockdown. Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, we have all been living through challenging times. Lockdown, the impact of Covid-19, and the new ‘normal’ that we find ourselves […]