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Plan for Pollinators

It may be cold outside, but encouraging bees and other pollinators is an all-year-round task, so get planning now for spring, summer and beyond. We’ve all got the message now that we need to look after the bees. Along with other pollinators (even those dreaded picnic assassins the wasps!) they are the key to helping […]

Living Magazines Compost

Garden Gold

Forget diamonds – the gardener’s best friend is compost, and with peat-based compounds a no-no, what else can you use? All of us are trying to be more organic when it comes to gardening, and with sales of peat-based compost set to be banned from 2024, we might as well be prepared. There really is […]

Living Magazines Purple Salvia nemorosa flowers in summer

Gardens that can Stand the Heat

With global temperatures on the rise and all of us trying to cut down on our water usage, choosing drought-tolerant plants for your garden is more important than ever… Three to Take Home Helen Reeley, of Berkhamsted-based Reeley Gardens, shares her three favourite drought-resistant plants with us. She says: ‘They’re bullet proof, a good size […]

Living Magazines Grow your own veg

Good Enough to Eat

Did you dabble with growing your own fruit and veg during last year’s lockdown? Take it to the next level this year with some edible ornamentals and new varieties… It’s incredibly satisfying to grow your own, with whatever space you have. All kinds of veg can be cultivated in containers, and micro salads and herbs […]

Living Magazines Garden frost

Get Some Backbone

Winter gardens don’t need to be dull. Now’s the time to give your garden some structure that will reward you with a great view all year round So many of us are guilty of getting busy with our gardens during spring and summer – and then when it comes to winter, we find they are […]

Living Magazines Garden autumn

Extend the Life of your Garden

Summer may be coming to a close, but you don’t have to head indoors and hibernate. Clever use of autumn planting, lighting, outdoor heating, garden buildings – even cosy blankets – can help you enjoy your outdoor room throughout the autumn During lockdown, lots of us got busy making our outdoor space a lovely place […]

Living Magazines Peacock butterfly - (c) RHS Katy Prentice

Butterflies and Birds

Attract more wildlife to your garden by making it a haven for them Main image: Peacock butterfly © RHS Katy Prentice If you’ve got a garden then you’re definitely one of the lucky ones – having an outside space to call our own is a godsend, and never more so than over the last few […]

Living Magazines TLC for Your Lawn

TLC for Your Lawn

Give your lawn a new lease of life If you want to get your lawn looking as good as it possibly can in time for the summer, it needs some attention now. We asked lawn expert Matthew Rice from Greensleeves in Tring for advice on what to do now – and for the rest of […]

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Brighten Up Your Winter

Give your garden a new lease of life with some simple and colourful winter planting Once summer is over, most of us stop thinking about our gardens until spring. But get the planting right and you can enjoy gorgeous colours all year round. Shrubs and Evergreens Evergreen shrubs are the basis for some spectacular winter […]

Living Magazines Hedgehog

Save Our Hedgehogs

Our native hedgehogs are on the decline. Here’s what you can do to help According to the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), the number of hedgehogs in the UK has declined by a third since the millennium alone. So why is it happening and how can we stop the decline? We spoke to Fay […]

Living Magazines Staycation in your Back Garden

Have a Staycation – In Your Own Back Garden

Forget luxury holidays – you can bring the glamour to your own garden for a fraction of the price. Here’s how to enjoy your garden all year round. If this summer proves to be anything like the summer of 2018, we’ll all be glad of the little oases we call our back gardens. But if you’re planning […]

Living Magazines Gardening feature

The Good Life

It can be fun to grow your own fruit and veg – whatever outside space you have Whether it’s to have fun with the kids, to save money, or just for the hell of it, a new survey by Appliances Direct reveals that more than half of us Brits have grown our own fruit and […]