8-Year-Old Lucy Inspiring Marathon Runners

Living Magazines Lucy's Marathon Challenge

Local mum Caroline Collard got in touch with us after seeing our posts on Social Media asking people what they were doing in terms of diversifying their businesses during lockdown. Here she tells us how her 8-year-old daughter is inspiring others to stay fit and active with ‘Lucy’s Marathon Challenge’. 

After schools were closed as a result of COVID-19 and then it was announced that we were further restricted due to being on lockdown, my daughter Lucy, expressed her concerns about not being able to do the daily mile at school any more. As well as being a good way to get some guaranteed regular exercise, it’s also a chance for children to get out in the fresh air, rain or shine, to keep fit and grow up understanding that exercise should just be a part of their daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So very quickly we decided that it might be a good idea to think about other ways we could keep active and still get out in the fresh air to support both physical and mental health. We had been planning on getting Lucy started on the local Parkrun as she has just turned 8, but as this was also put on hold, we decided to plan some short running routes in the local area to get her started. Although Lucy had happily participated in the daily mile at school and we are very active as a family partly due to the fact that I am a qualified personal trainer and health coach, she had no other experience of running and so we thought this would be a good chance to give her some basic training.

It was during her first run, a few days into lockdown, that Lucy came up with her idea. She suddenly suggested that if she could start doing this, then so could anyone. What if she were to start inspiring people to improve their fitness whilst on lockdown? So through my business social media accounts we launched ‘Lucy’s Marathon Challenge’. Lucy’s aim is to get people to complete a marathon distance (26 miles or 42km) over the coming weeks in any way they can. Shorter distances, longer distances, run, light jog or walk, young people or older people – just keep track of your weekly total and share your photos with us to let Lucy know of your progress.

We have asked people to tag us in on Facebook or Instagram @boxmoornutrifit and use the hashtag #lucysmarathonchallenge to keep us updated on their journey. It has been amazing to see a number of Lucy’s friends and local residents getting involved and improving their health in a number of ways. We’ve also noticed others out on their daily walks giving us a smile and a wave when out on a run as more people become aware of Lucy’s challenge. This has been lovely to see as it really gives us a sense of community and I think this is really important in the current climate. It has also been a great excuse to see more of our local area. Boxmoor is such a green and beautiful setting with the canal, open spaces, wildlife and leafy woodlands – it really makes you more grateful about the access that we have on our doorsteps to picturesque surroundings.

To follow Lucy’s journey or to get involved yourself, please follow @boxmoornutrifit on Facebook or Instagram, and if you’re looking for further support with your health, then visit www.boxmoornutrifit.com.