Advanced Notice of Major Road Works at Shootersway including Road Closure

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We have been informed of the following update on The Denton Development by HG Construction in Berkhamsted.

Phase 1 works are currently underway and progressing in line with programme – the targeted completion date of this phase is 21 July. Although we entirely appreciate the works are extremely  inconvenient and disrupt your daily journey, the works are necessary and impact upon the completion of the development build if delayed any further.

Phase 2 and 3 is made up of a road closure from the junction of Shootersway and Kings Road, up to the  Denton site entrance (circa 80m) – see the plan. The Phase 2 works will comprise a 7m deep  trench excavation and the laying of foul & surface water pipework. We will work closely with our local  neighbours to ensure smooth & safe vehicle entry and exit for those immediately effected by the road  closure. Phase 3 involves the tunnelling and final connection of the sewage system into the site entrance and will be carried out concurrently with Phase 2 with no further disruption to yourselves. The  excavation and tunnelling operation covers both lanes on Shooterway, hence Hertfordshire County Council insisting on a full road closure. This will commence on 24 July and although we will endeavour to complete the works in as quick a time as possible, the works are designated a 6-8 weeks duration.