Aesthetic Treatment That Is Truly You

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A new Aesthetic Skin Care Clinic based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, promises to go beyond ‘skin deep’ therapies to help clients feel like the best version of themselves.

Dr Sophie Taylor, founder of Dr Sophie Taylor Aesthetic Skin Clinic, believes our recent COVID lockdowns have done damage to our collective mental health, with many people obsessing over what they see as not measuring up to digitally altered versions of celebrities we see online. Anecdotally, plastic surgery has seen an uptick in clients, as people spend so much time seeing themselves on digital meeting platforms such as Zoom and Skype.

Dr Sophie developed a keen interest in aesthetics at the start of the pandemic, particularly concerned that social media is perpetuating the pressure to be flawless and cause trends for clients wanting to achieve a filtered look in real life. As such she has since gone on to complete foundation and advanced training as part of her Level 7 Certification at the Medical & Aesthetic Training Academy on Harley Street, London W1.

She is a passionate advocate of real-life images and deplores the prolific use of enhancement filters on social media, to create unattainable looks, with all attendant disappointments for actual humans.

Dr Sophie is a fully registered, GMC-licensed doctor, having graduated from King’s College London School of Medicine in 2016. She has worked as a doctor for the NHS in Buckinghamshire and North West London having gained experience in a broad range of specialties including Plastics, Trauma, Acute Medicine and General Practice. Her new clinic offers aesthetic, injectable therapies and bespoke skincare consultations with an objective, balanced view, and an emphasis on ethical practice.

Alongside aesthetics Dr Sophie is passionate about mental health and will be enhancing her knowledge further to undertake training in Psychiatry. She feels these specialities marry well together to enable her to help clients feel more comfortable in their own skin.

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