Almost 2,300 hopefuls keen to become Hertfordshire police officers

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As Hertfordshire Constabulary’s police officer recruitment drive continues, more people are saying they want to become a police officer than are currently serving in the force.

In the first six weeks of the campaign, an amazing 2,271 hopefuls took the first step to join – registering their interest in becoming a police constable. There are currently 2,123 officers across the county.

If you’d like to apply, you’ve got until the end of September to do so.

‘It really is an incredible career, hugely rewarding and you can make a real difference to your local community,’ said Chief Constable Charlie Hall. ‘We are particularly reaching out to our diverse communities and under-represented groups, to say please come forward. We want you to apply as we want our workforce to reflect the communities we serve and protect.

‘We need individuals with passion and drive to join our policing family. As a police officer you play a vital role in keeping people safe, reducing crime and catching criminals. Victims and witnesses of crime look to you for support during the worst times of their life.’

By joining Hertfordshire Constabulary, you experience the challenges of policing both rural and urban communities. You will receive first-class training and begin your policing service on the frontline responding to 101 and 999 calls. As you progress throughout your career you will have the opportunity to branch out and specialise in others areas of policing too. Throughout your service, you will be fully supported and the strong bonds and friendships you build with your colleagues will remain for life.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd said: ‘It is great to see so many people interested in joining Hertfordshire Constabulary, it is testament to how well regarded it is as a professional and progressive service. We are continuing to build towards having the largest ever force in Hertfordshire’s history. and I hope many of these applicants can be part of that record-breaking growth.

‘If now isn’t the right time, further recruitment drives are coming, as we look to recruit hundreds of new officers in the coming years.’

For more information about becoming a police officer and how to apply, visit

Through its ‘Positive Action’ scheme, Hertfordshire Constabulary is committed to building relationships with under-represented groups and encouraging them to join the policing family. For more information and support visit