Artist Margaret Mee exhibits at Open Door with her six-year-old daughter

Living Magazines Margaret Mee Collaborations

Open Door, the community space on Berkhamsted High Street, is hosting an exhibition by Chesham artist Margaret Mee and her six-year-old daughter, Isabel.

‘Collaborations’ features bold and colourful pieces of animals and landscapes, such as the one pictured, and is about enjoying life, having fun and valuing time spent together.

Margaret says: ‘Whenever my daughter sees me creating artwork she wants to join in. She finds my studio an exciting and mysterious place to be, with all its many different materials and media to experiment with. I want to let her know that the artwork she creates has equal importance.’

Meanwhile, in the other half of the exhibition space, ‘Reverberations’ is a collection of Margaret’s drawings and digital artworks focusing on music and performance.

Margaret adds: ‘Many of my drawings concern power and force, capturing strength as well as the beauty of the human form and the sculptural shapes of the instruments. The close interaction of figures with the instruments creates a powerful intimacy and tension.’

​Margaret Mee’s formal training was in ceramics, and sculpture has always been an inspiration for her art. You can see more of her work at

Open Door is at 360-364 High Street, Berkhamsted. The exhibition is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11am to 2pm, until 14 October.