Bee Friendly Antics at the Tring Carnival

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There was celebration at Tring’s carnival on 9 July of Tring’s new status as a bee friendly town. Tring was just one of six towns in the country this year to receive this new award from the Bee Friendly Trust.

The Justice & Peace Group which started this campaign two years ago managed a stall at the carnival promoting the cause of making as many areas as possible in Tring and the surrounding area pollinator friendly. Free wildflower seeds (kindly donated by Dacorum Borough Council) were given away, there were plants to take away and a lot of information about which plants to grow to attract pollinators and about putting up bee hotels also. To make this a fun family occasion there was face painting too and space for young children to learn about bee hotels.

The highlight of the day was the presentation of the Bee Friendly Town certificate and award to the Mayor of Tring, Councillor Christopher Townsend. The presentation was in the main arena and the event was broadcast over the loudspeaker system which meant that everyone at the carnival could hear the presentation and learn about the new status earned for the town.

Michael Demidecki, Secretary of the Justice & Peace Group presented the award and he was accompanied by Anne Nobbs, Polly Eaton and Martin Hicks who had dressed up specially for the occasion. As Michael said, he was making this presentation on behalf of the insect world as represented by the beautiful honeybee (kept in order by her beekeeper) and the solitary bee! There are about 270 different species of bee in the UK but amazingly just one species of honeybee, the domesticated one we are all familiar with. It is with all the bees in mind and other pollinators too such as butterflies, moths and hoverflies that individuals, councils, churches, schools and other organisations have been working so hard together in encouraging areas of the right kinds of flowers to attract and support our insects which are in such decline nationally at the moment.

The Mayor in reply told everyone more about the campaign in Tring and encouraged everyone to work together to make Tring and the surrounding area even more pollinator friendly!

Dr Luke Dixon, co-founder of the Bee Friendly Trust, has said, ‘The Bee Friendly Town Awards celebrate the coming together of communities for the important cause of saving the nation’s bees and pollinators. By increasing wildlife habitats in towns, not only are communities providing forage spots and shelters for nature but they are also making their towns greener, friendlier and more uplifting places to live.

‘This year’s winners were chosen for their creative and collaborative approaches to making their towns Bee Friendly. We hope they will provide inspiration for other towns to do their bit and to enter the competition next year.’