Berkhamsted Gets its First Life-saving Bleed Control Kits

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Two Bleed Control kits have been donated for use in Berkhamsted thanks to the generosity of the local Inner Wheel group. One will be at the Civic Centre and the other will be at Waitrose. In both cases they will be located inside the existing Defibrillators boxes.

Knife crime continues to be a dreadful cause of injury and death and yet lives can be saved by the prompt application of effective live-saving treatment. When emergency services are contacted, they will give the caller the code to access the box. Full instructions are supplied with the kit. The kits include trauma bandage dressing, tourniquet, chest seal pads to minimise lung collapse, haemostatic dressing, sterile gloves and scissors for cutting away clothing.

Isobel Wilkinson, Secretary of Berkhamsted Bulbourne Inner Wheel, said: ‘When I first heard about these kits, I thought they should be available on every high street in the country. We are happy to be the first organisation to fund these in our High Street and would hope to see them more widely available just as Defibrillators now are. We are grateful to Berkhamsted Town Council and Waitrose and Partners for agreeing to site these kits on their premises. The more they are known about the more likely a life or a serious injury may be helped.’

President of Inner Wheel, Wendy de Lisle, said: ‘Inner Wheel is delighted to donate these kits and we sincerely hope that they never need to be used. But we need to make people aware that they do exist and their location just in case the worst happens. It could save a life, and that’s all that matters.’

For information about the Inner Wheel Club of Berkhamsted Bulbourne contact secretary Isobel Wilkinson on

Photo: (left) President Wendy de Lisle and (right) Secretary Isobel Wilkinson of Berkhamsted Inner Wheel at the Civic Centre in Berkhamsted with the Bleed Control Kit.