Berkhamsted Parking

Berkhamsted and Tring Living Magazines MSCP elevation from Lower Kings Rd

At the Berkhamsted and District Chamber of Commerce AGM, some retailers raised the issue of parking in Berkhamsted and that the closure of the Lower King’s Road car park has affected their business.

Furthermore, the reduction of hours at the Water Lane car park from 4 to 2 has caused problems with both elderly residents and long-term shoppers. There was a temporary car park made at the Moor off Mill Street, but during the last couple of months this flooded and was closed, although it has now been re-opened.

It was pointed out that the publicity for the Moor car park was poor, and signage inadequate. The Chamber has raised this issue with Berkhamsted Council and been informed that Cllr David Collins spoke about changing the Water Lane hours back to 4 hours at a recent Dacorum Borough Council meeting, but this was turned down as it requires a full consultation taking a minimum of 3 months prior to making a decision.

For those of you who missed the original consultation, it was Order 2017 Borough of Dacorum (Off-Street Parking Places) but the period of consultation was July 4th to July 25th 2018. In the same order the hours in St John’s Well Lane car park were increased and the temporary car park at Mill Lane approved.

After the local elections on 2 May the Chamber will raise the issue of the differential parking rates between Berkhamsted, Hemel and Tring. Berkhamsted is the most expensive, and Tring has the first hour free. Finally, there is the matter of charges for the new multi-story car park and whether any provision has been made to allow BDCC members to have long term stay parking, which will also be raised with DBC.