Berko Great Big Green Week IT Amnesty

Old IT equipment

Did you know that electricals are the fastest growing UK waste stream?

This is an opportunity for you and friends or family to hand in your old mobile phones, laptops (with chargers) or tablets (with USBs) at one of the three Berkhamsted Great Big Green Week events below. They will be sent to or Staying Connected – Community Action Dacorum where they’ll be securely data-wiped and refurbished for reuse.

There will be a volunteer to take your devices at these free events:

  • Sat 8 June 10am-3pm Eco Fair, Berkhamsted Civic Centre
  • Tues 11 June 7-9.30pm Water, Conservation & Energy panel discussion, Berkhamsted Civic Centre
  • Thurs 13 June 7-9.30pm What is Business Doing about the Planet? panel discussion, Berkhamsted Civic Centre

Bring your old devices, please.

  • YES to mobile phones, laptops (with charger) and tablets (with USB)
  • NO to PCs, keyboards, printers, cables, routers

Why not be a collector and bring in old devices from friends and family?

Please make sure they include charger/USB. Remember, the firms used will securely data-wipe the devices.