BerkoFest Book Festival Enjoyed by Hundreds

Living Magazines Lisa Jewell in conversation with Clare Swatman

The inaugural BerkoFest Book Festival on 12 May was a roaring success, with hundreds of people of all ages flocking to the two venues – Berkhamsted Town Hall and Rectory Lane Cemetery.

Rectory Lane Cemetery events were mainly aimed at children, including the hugely popular M G Leonard and her Beetle Boy books.

The Town Hall sessions offered a huge diversity of authors, panels and interactive workshops, all full of learning, fun and stimulation. Unsurprisingly Lisa Jewell (pictured above in conversation with Clare Swatman), Olaf Falafel and Derek Pringle were very popular, whilst equally epitomising the range of topics.

Moreover, at both venues there were local authors like Clare Swatman, Katy Regan and Jamie Fewey who contributed greatly to the success of the event.

Thus BerkoFest book festival will become part of the calendar of events within the town, and what a great addition it will be!

Images courtesy of Adam Hollier Photography.