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How Frequency Specific Microcurrent is Changing Medicine. Traditional Methods of Health Care are Being Replaced by Technology. Article by Malcolm Baxter, Bio Health Practitioner

By accident, a lady I knew and with whom I did financial business six years ago, accidentally phoned me one day in March 2020. ‘Paulette,’ I said ‘How nice to hear your voice. Why have you phoned me? Is everything OK with you?’  ‘Yes, I’m fine now, thank you,’ she replied. ‘It was an accident to phone you. Sorry.’ ‘No problem,’ I said. ‘Tell me what you are doing currently.’ She replied, “Well. That’s a long story, and I haven’t yet worked it out completely.’

And then she tried to explain Bioresonance. She has always been working in healthcare, with lifestyle particularly in mind, but it was Bioresonance which had cured her Lymes Disease which had debilitated her for 10 years. She had been written off by the professional medics who considered her incurable, but then she discovered Bioresonance, and has recovered completely.

This was a new word to me – Bioresonance. I struggled with the concept, but Paulette started to treat my wife and I. She quickly discovered that my wife had a lactose intolerance, so she cut dairy out of her diet, and immediately felt a lot better. I suffered arthritic pains in my feet and knees, and it was not long before those pains had gone. I knew I was onto something!

Our son is a qualified medical doctor and surgeon, so I took him on the journey of discovery to confirm that it was the truth and relevant. He obviously had problems because it is not orthodox medicine, and doesn’t fit into the methodology of general practice, but he has encouraged me to explore further, with confidence that it clearly does a lot of good. He is amazed at the results without drugs, invasive surgery – and even remotely.

Let me explain:

Everything in life has resonance or vibration. This includes plants, animals and every material thing. Bioresonance is the way to obtain this energy information from within our bodies by reading and amplifying the energy vibrations according to the organ and cell. When we know what is happening in our bodies in terms of resonance, organ by organ, cell by cell, we can determine everything about our physical condition. You may be surprised to know that the success in diagnosis is above 93% and there is therapy to bring harmony into the body in areas where there is now disharmony.

We are at the beginning of a major breakthrough in medical health capability.

When I came across this new science earlier this year, I was surprised at what I discovered. Apparently, much of the science had been known for some time, but it was never developed into a health and wellbeing capability, until the Russians, for their space travel ambitions, wanted to be able to understand the health conditions of cosmonauts and treat them as they travelled through space! As Bioresonance is not drug related, invasive in any way and is administered without intrusion, discomfort or embarrassment, it was ideal. Furthermore, for the first time, all this can be done remotely, by quantum physics.

I discovered that the best way for me was to buy the equipment and start using it. This happened in May 2020, and most of my days since have been spent on being trained, and practising how to do it. My nextdoor neighbour was getting over Covid-19 and feeling very unwell. I was able to relieve her of the symptoms within a few weeks. In running the tests on myself, I discovered that I have prostate issues. So I treated for the prostate and it has now gone. I have treated my son for sports injuries and my daughter-in-law for hay fever, with good results. My grandson has hay fever, and also the fear of an inherited disease, and I solved those problems also. And so it goes on…

Bioresonance is here to stay. These are early days yet but could this new world look like this:

  • Less need for doctor appointments.
  • No uncertainty about the condition of the body and diagnosis of disease.
  • Greatly reduced dependence on prescription drugs.
  • Treatment before being aware of the symptoms.
  • Resolving the mystery of ‘inherited’ medical conditions.
  • Taking personal control over wellbeing with highly focused therapy.

Malcolm Baxter
Bio Health Practitioner
Aston House, 126 Grove Road, Tring HP23 5PA  07774 889421