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The perfect family-challenge with added feel-good factor, Bubble Rush returns to Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead, on Sunday 12th May.

Bubble Rush is an incredi-bubble 5km charity challenge for all the family – and friends too! Anyone from tots to teens, grown-ups to grandparents can take part and have bubbles of fun running through masses of multi-coloured foam.

As well as providing an exhilarating morning – perfect for creating special memories together – the event also encourages all bubblers to have fun and feel good, raising money for local charity, The Hospice of St Francis. It’s also a great way to teach kids about helping others in their community too!

This year, the Hospice is encouraging children to get creative with their bubbly fundraising. Anything goes from sponsored car washes, making and selling gifts made of foam clay or bubbly aero cupcakes. With everyone’s fundraising, the Hospice is helping to fund two specialist Hospice nurses for a year.

Fatima Kamjoufor, from Hemel Hempstead, who took part last year with her son, Arash, nine, and daughter, Aram, six, said, ‘We all loved running through the bubbles. We’d never done Bubble Rush before but we signed up because it’s for such a good cause.’

Arash added, ‘I’d never run as far as that before and it was hard but I really enjoyed the bubbles. The best thing about them was that they turned my skin green!’

Hospice CEO, Kate Phipps-Wiltshire, said: ‘This is the Hospice’s big fun, family event and we can’t wait to welcome local families, friends and distant relations into the bubbles!

‘We promise you a fun-filled morning where you can make precious memories together and we’d love your support on the fundraising side as event registration only covers putting on the event. What can you raise by making bubbly homemade lemonade, how many cars can you wash together – share your charity fundraising stories with us – and there’ll be a prize for the most creative fundraising challenge, plus amount raised!’

Visit stfrancis.org.uk/bubblerush to join the priority list or for more information.