Campaign for Hospital Continues

Living Magazines West Herts 21 Century Hospital Solution - Hospital External View to Entrance

Around 80 people attended a public presentation on West Herts 21 Century Hospital Solution in Berkhamsted Town Hall this autumn.

Gordon Yearwood is the founder of the non-profit organisation, West Herts 21 Century Hospital Solution, which was formed to achieve a purpose-built, 21st-century, centrally-located hospital, for all the people of West Hertfordshire. You may have read our previous articles on the subject.

He told Living: ‘The meeting was attended by around 80 people, with many asking very important questions afterwards. Donations to help with achieving the 21st century hospital solution we need were gratefully received following the presentation.

‘The presentation was able to demonstrate how the people and frontline workforce have been badly let down this century, by our very highly-paid NHS senior decision makers. We perform very poorly in relation to other countries who spend similar amounts of money on their healthcare provision. There is an opportunity for a completely new 21st century, more accessible, centrally-located hospital for all the people of West Hertfordshire, but our local NHS senior staff want to spend almost twice the necessary amount of money on a skyscraper hospital (20 metres taller than Grenfell Tower) within the existing cramped Watford General Hospital site.

‘They have provided no clinical reason for their wasteful and potentially unsafe plan, (mothers trying to get to maternity with more than 20,000 football fans nearby), which if it went ahead, would also cause severe additional disruption during its long construction period.

‘The political turmoil since the presentation has now somewhat settled down and West Herts 21 Century Hospital Solution is continuing to fight for a better future hospital solution for the people of West Hertfordshire. Helpful donations can be made at’