Can You Help Gaddesden Place Riding for the Disabled Find a New Horse?

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Local charity Gaddesden Place RDA provides therapeutic riding and equine experiences for over 100 children and adults with a wide range of disabilities. They are back up and running again and trying to get all their riders back in the saddle but without a full team of horses this is proving difficult.

Finding another horse to join the team will ensure that they can help as many riders as possible to benefit from the special interaction and the unique benefits it provides. With a full team of horses and ponies they will be able to provide lessons for all of their current riders again and help new riders from the ever-growing waiting list.

The benefits of riding and interacting with horses are far reaching and have a positive impact on all of their riders in so many ways, improving balance and coordination, developing core strength and building communication skills and self esteem.

RDA lessons can range from walking around the arena doing exercises with a pony leader and sidewalkers beside the rider, to trotting and basic dressage tests, so a fit and unflappable horse is a key requirement. A priority is also to find a weight carrier horse for their young adults. The horses and ponies are cared for extremely well at the centre and training to adapt to RDA work is given by highly-qualified staff.

Talking about what they’re looking for, Centre Manager, Louise says, ‘The ideal RDA horse has a good, kind, patient temperament and good confirmation. They should be well schooled so that they are well balanced in themselves which can allow them to support and help our disabled riders.

Other Key Requirements

  • Age 12+yrs
  • Height 15.2– 15.3hh
  • Weight carrier
  • Geldings only
  • Must be comfortable on and off a lead rein
  • For RDA work so 100% bombproof
  • Well schooled and balanced
  • Trial period preferred
  • For sale or loan

Is there a horse you know who could be a confidence-giver to their riders? If so, they would love to hear from you.

Please contact Louise on 01442 246924 or email