Car Park Delayed ‘Until 2020’

Living Magazines Moor Car Park

The temporary car park on the Moor seems to have been closed more often than it’s been open. Meanwhile, work on the new multistorey continues.

Originally it was due to be completed in November, but this is now forecast to be February 2020.

‘The construction period was agreed to be 32 weeks once all of the utilities diversion works had been completed,’ explains Ben Hosier from Dacorum Borough Council.

‘The final certificate was received from Thames Water at the end of June, which pushed the completion date to February 2020.

‘The reason that the temporary car park has reacted as it has, is not due to the installation being incorrectly undertaken, but because the early delay meant it was too late in the season for the surface matting and the grass to sufficiently knit together. Unseasonable weather in February and June meant we needed to close the car park to carry out maintenance work.

‘The Moor is to be reinstated once the MSCP [multi-storey car park] is up and running.’

Let’s hope we have our Moor back soon!