Cats in Need of Homes

Cats Berkhamsted Tibbles and Bubbles

These beautiful cats are currently with Cats Protection Hemel Hempstead & Berkhamsted Branch – can you offer any of them a forever home?

Sookie and Quincy

These two lovelies are looking for their forever home, together, due to changes in their owners’ circumstances.

Quincy and Sookie

Sookie is female white and black and Quincy is male black. They are the perfect soul mates and will make the perfect companions; very calm cats who just want to find that right owner(s) to be with and keep company, to know they are safe and loved.

Quincy is a laid-back boy who loves attention and is always up for a good game and happy for you to join in! Sookie is a bit shyer on first meeting but once she has sussed it all out, she loves attention and loves a good play as well. They do love company and would like it if there is someone around in/part of the day.  They would be happier in a calm home environment, as the only pets. They would like access to a garden for the odd stroll after their settling in period away from main/through roads.

Tibbles and Bubbles

Cats Berkhamsted Tibbles and BubblesThese two lovelies are Tibbles and Bubbles, very bonded 10-month-old sisters. They are kittens in all their glory; very active, inquisitive! They will be homed together. They are both very sociable cats, love playing together but also quite happy for you to join in; they love their laser pointers and rod toys! They are quite happy for cuddles and love a good brush. They would like to be homed in a family environment where they can get plenty of attention, with older children. They would like access to a garden away from main/through roads after their settling in period.

Gizmo and Zara 

Cats Berkhamsted ZaraCats Berkhamsted GizmoThese two lovelies, Gizmo male ginger/white and Zara calico and white, are brother and sister and are 1 year old. They are now looking for their forever home due to changes in their family circumstances.

They are kittens in all their glory despite being the grand old age of 1!

They love being with people and in people company, love to curl up and have all the cuddles you wish to give them. They are very bonded and happy to be in each other’s company and playing together but always happy for someone to join in and play with them! 

They would prefer to be a family home environment as the only pets where someone can be around for them in/part of the day. They have been indoor cats but they would like to eventually have access to a garden to explore once they have had their extended settling in period, away from main/through roads.


Ginge is now looking for his new forever home due to changes in his owner’s circumstances. He is a bit nervous of meeting new people and needs some time to gain his confidence around you but when he does, he’s such a love bug! He’s not what you call a lap cat but enjoys being stroked and nudges up against you, wanting to have some more, he might even give you a little kiss sometimes. He would be happier in an adult-only environment with another cat as he enjoys their company and likes to have a chat with them. He would like access to a garden once he’s completed his settling in period, away from main/busy roads.

The contact number you need for these lovely cats is 0345 371 1851.