Cats in Need of Homes

Cats Protection Sushi

These beautiful cats are currently with Cats Protection Hemel Hempstead & Berkhamsted Branch – can you offer any of them a forever home?

Cats Protection Mia

Mia and Jasper

Meet Mia and Jasper, 3-year-old bonded brother and sister in search of their forever home.

Mia is a social butterfly who loves human interaction.

She is affectionate, enjoys strokes; she possesses an innate sense of curiosity.

She is also known for her playing antics to engage Jasper on her playtime.

Cats Protection Jasper

Jasper has a gentle nature and friendly demeanour.

He has a charming way of making you feel truly special with his purrs and gentle headbutts.

They would be happier in a family environment with children as they are eagerly waiting for ‘friends’ to play with. Once they have had their settling in period they would  love a garden to explore, away from main/through roads.


Cats Protection DelMy name is Del, I am 6 years of age.

I love being in people company; will greet you with purrs and jump up for a fuss and a lap, in fact I purr most of the time! Whilst I do like attention, I am also happy in my own company and love sitting high up on my scratch post and cosy bed.

I am now looking for that special home where I can feel loved and safe which I can call home, forever.

Cats Protection DelI do need time to settle in to my new home and getting used to my new family; no rushing for me. I would eventually like access to a garden after my extended settling in period, as I have been used to being indoors, where I can enjoy being outside but away from main/through roads.

I would be happier as the only pet in an adult environment, possibly with older children.

Sushi and Ginge

Cats Protection SushiMeet our Sushi, male black and white 7 years of age and Ginge, male ginger 5 years of age, who are now looking for their forever home.

They love company and being with people; they would love if someone was around for them sometime in the day/part day. They are calm, loving, easy going lads who are looking for a family environment, older children.

Cats Protection GingeGinge is a quiet lad and loves being in company, happy to play now and again, whereas Sushi is the vocal one and loves to play whenever the chance comes up; he speaks for both of them! They both enjoy looking out of the window and watching the world go by.

They are looking for those special laps to curl up on in the evenings. They would need to be the only pets. They would love a garden to explore/stroll in once they have had their settling in period, away from busy roads.

The contact number you need for these lovely cats is 0345 371 1851 or visit