Cats in Need of Homes

Living Magazines Cats Protection Chester

These beautiful cats are currently with Cats Protection Hemel Hempstead & Berkhamsted Branch – can you offer one of them a forever home?


Living Magazines Cats Protection ChesterThis beautiful lad is Chester, he is four years of age. He is a cross British Blue and as you can see such a handsome chap. He is now looking for his forever home due to changes in his family’s circumstances; a very special home and owner who understands this noble breed.

He is, as the British Blue character, warm, calm, and affectionate; not described as a lap cat but will sit by you for those strokes/cuddles and having people company around them. They have been described as the dignified Winston Churchill creatures of the cat world; they will be there for you but do like to keep their paws on the ground. He does tend to be a bit vocal when he wants something so someone who doesn’t mind a bit of ‘cat chat’ would be ideal. His ideal home would be with an older family, older children, as the only pet; where someone is happy to give him the time for a bit of play in the day and just to be there for him. He would need grooming weekly to keep his lovely coat in tip top condition.

He loves to be outside but definitely not near main/fast roads as he is used to a rural location and this is what we are looking for him where he can enjoy the outside without any worries. Access to the outside will not be rushed and would be after his settling in period and then a slow introduction to the outside.


Living Magazines Cats Protection SophieSophie is a beautiful mature little lady who is now looking for her forever home. She has come into our care as sadly her owners were moving into sheltered accommodation and she couldn’t go with them. This little lady has been very sad about the move but is starting to adjust. She doesn’t like loud noises and if stressed will find a place to hide, coming out on her own when she is ready. She is slowly getting braver and more confident and is really a clean, sweet friendly cat. She likes being brushed and her back being stroked and now comes to greet her foster carer and will stand on her lap for a fuss.

Sophie needs a quiet home with maybe a single person or a couple; no children, who will love and make her feel safe again. She would like to be the only cat so she can get all the attention on offer. She would like a secure garden, away from main/through roads, to just to potter out with you. Access to the outside will not be rushed and would be after her settling in period and then a slow introduction to the outside. This beautiful girl deserves a second chance of a loving home.


Living Magazines Cats Protection BilboThis lovely gentle boy is our Bilbo who came into our care due to a change in circumstances of his previous owners. He is approximately 7 years old. Though initially he can be very shy, once he gets to know you, he is a very loving and playful cat. He is just waiting for that special person/s to share his home with. He loves chasing strings and feather toys and when tired out, will snuggle up next to you on a soft blanket/sofa, purring away.

We feel Bilbo will suit a mature family with older children who can provide a loving and patient home to help him settle in. He can be wary of new people and loud noises so would prefer a quieter environment, as the only pet. Though he is quite happy and content to be an indoor cat he may eventually like to venture outside for the odd walk with you but in a secure garden away from main/through roads as he is not road savvy; more a rural environment.  Access to the outside will not be rushed and would be after his settling in period and then a slow introduction to the outside. Bilbo is on a special diet which he will need to always be on.

The contact number you need for all these lovely cats is 0345 371 1851.