Celebrating the BCA Centenary

Berkhamsted Civic Centre pole

The post and shield, which stood outside the Civic Centre in Berkhamsted High Street for 70 years, has reappeared in its former place in its new form, to commemorate the centenary of the Berkhamsted Citizens Association (BCA).

The former incarnation was donated by the BCA to the town in 1953 to mark the coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth. This year, on 4 July, the BCA will be 100 years old, and there is a new king, so the BCA has taken the opportunity to mark both occasions by creating the new post and, most particularly, a  shield updated to incorporate its newly-researched version.

Planning for the new installation started back in December 2022 when the project’s coordinator Susan Johnson (now BCA Chairman), met its prospective makers on site – carpentry designer Tim Millard, carpenter Gary Gurney, and signwriter Tim Bird. The updated design was based on research by Adrian Barham, the Berkhamsted Castle Trust Chairman, and Dr James Moir, the Berkhamsted historic buildings’ expert. The Town Council has also taken the opportunity to update its crest and obtain  permission from the College of Heralds to use it.

Everyone is invited to join the Citizens outside the Civic Centre on Thursday 4 July at 11am, along with the Mayor, to mark the BCA Centenary.