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Our thanks to Chiltern Music Therapy for this update on their efforts to support their patients during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the measures now being taken to tackle Coronavirus, we now find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to provide any vital Music Therapy sessions to our patients and families, where our sessions were such a lifeline. Having founded Chiltern 9 years ago, it is heart-breaking to see and hear of how isolated our patients already are when we are only few weeks into the crisis. Almost all of our patients are in the high-risk categories and desperately rely on their weekly sessions. In these unprecedented times, our commitment to our patients is ever more important. We are taking urgent measures to ensure that our patients can still access regular support, online, from our therapists, and we are asking for support to do this.

We have worked hard throughout the last few weeks to look at how best we can continue to support our patients, their families and those we haven’t yet been able to reach. By providing patients with the right technology and alternatives to face to face sessions, they can continue to access our support during this crisis.

We can do this, but we absolutely need support to get the technology out there.

Last week, we launched our appeal – please take a moment to watch our video and share with friends, family and colleagues.

Additionally, we are searching for corporate partners who can provide us with borrowed, hired, old or new iPads that we can send out to our patients at home, in hospital and in care homes. With your support, we will ensure that our patients urgently continue to receive support and therapy during this most difficult, frightening and lonely of times.

To make a donation visit the link. To contact Chiltern Music Therapy please email: or telephone: 01442 780541.