Chilterns Neuro Centre Forms New Association with Steering Developments

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The Chilterns Neuro Centre is delighted to form a new association with Steering Developments, a provider of life-enhancing vehicle adaptations to help people with disabilities remain driving. The association will enable the Centre to better support its members in leading more independent lives.

Driving and vehicle access is such an important part of our lives that so many people take for granted. The ability to drive a vehicle is not just a convenience, it is a lifeline to employment, education, social interaction and a sense of self-reliance. Vehicle adaptations for people with disabilities play a pivotal role in ensuring inclusivity and independence.

As well as financially contributing to the work of the Wendover-based charity, the association will see Steering Developments host drop-in sessions at the Centre so people with MS, Parkinson’s or stroke survivors can experience the solutions available to help keep them on the road. Steering Developments will also provide training sessions to the clinical team at the Centre so they are able to better support members.

‘As one of the occupational therapists at the Centre, I am keen to ensure we support our members to maintain their independence for as long as possible, and the ability to remain driving can have a huge impact on this,’ said Wendy Valentine, Occupational Therapist at the Chilterns Neuro Centre. ‘Driving and car adaptations can seem daunting and scary but, with the knowledge and understanding that Steering Developments has, alongside the support of the Centre, the choices can be made clearer and give our members confidence in future planning.’

‘Working alongside the Chilterns Neuro Centre is an exciting opportunity for Steering Developments Ltd and we look forward to being able to provide support and information to those who want to be able to travel independently or assisted,’ said Grant Harbour, Managing Director at Steering Developments. ‘The association between ourselves and the Centre will undoubtedly prove to be a great partnership and we can’t wait to help many more people achieve the confidence and independence they deserve.’

If anyone is affected by MS, Parkinson’s or is a stroke survivor and feels they would benefit from the services offered by the Chilterns Neuro Centre then get in touch by phoning 01296 696133 or by emailing