Coffee Ethic launch assists local Druglink

Living Magazines biodegradable coffee pods

Druglink, located in Hemel Hempstead, is extremely excited about Coffee Ethic’s recent launch of a range of biodegradable coffee pods. Coffee Ethic is Druglink’s social enterprise that enables service users to gain work experience, skills and build confidence.

Said Emma Kingham, Marketing & Fundraising Manager, at Druglink: ‘We do what we can to help build economic growth in our local community by providing volunteer workers, and the development of the pods is a big step to us working towards helping our local environment too.’

Coffee Ethic launched its biodegradable coffee pods on 19 November in an attempt to do their bit to fight the war against single use plastics. The pods and packaging will break down when buried in your garden and they’re compatible with Nespresso machines.

Coffee Ethic are the first in Hertfordshire to use biodegradable pods and packing that will help plant growth and  never be harmful to animals. They’re available now to sample and order – email or call 01923 260 733 for more information.

Read the full press release here.