Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Useful Information

Living Magazines Coronavirus in Hertfordshire

Neighbourhood Watch have shared some useful information about Coronavirus COVID-19:

There are a number of confirmed Coronavirus cases who are residents of Hertfordshire and, sadly, earlier this week an elderly patient with underlying conditions died. Public Health England (PHE) is working closely with NHS colleagues and Hertfordshire County Council to manage the situation and help reduce the risk of further cases.

PHE is currently contacting people who may have had close contact with the confirmed cases, to give health advice about symptoms and emergency contact details to use should they become unwell in the 14 days after they had contact with the confirmed case. This tried and tested method will ensure that any risk to them is minimised and the wider public is protected.

PHE and the NHS are well-prepared to deal with Coronavirus and the priority is to safeguard local communities which sometimes involves taking preventative measures to help reduce the risk of further cases.

Based on current evidence, coronavirus COVID-19 presents with flu-like symptoms including a fever, a cough, or difficulty breathing.

The current evidence is that most cases appear to be mild. Anyone who is concerned about health symptoms is advised to follow the advice about what to do on the Government’s website at

If you or one of your family are showing symptoms of coronavirus, it is important that you do not attempt to go to your doctor or to a hospital. You should call 111 and the operator will advise you on what you will need to do.