Could you Become a Councillor?

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Could you become a councillor, support your community and make Tring a better place to live, work and play?

Tring Town Council is looking for a committed and dynamic individual to join the team of eleven council members already working alongside residents and community organisations on issues affecting the town.

You will have a dual role:

  • To represent the views and concerns of the residents of the town to the town council itself and, through it, to the district, county or unitary authority
  • To report back to residents on issues affecting the parish

The formal part of these roles, especially the first one, is carried out by attending meetings and corresponding with the Town Clerk. The Town Council has committees that you can get involved with, depending on your areas of interest – Planning, Finance and Policy, Buildings, Assets & Infrastructure, Allotments & Environment, Local Transport Plan, Staffing & Employment and Climate Change. The less formal part of these roles is listening and talking to people in the community.

Tring Town Councillor advertBeing a councillor is varied and fulfilling as you get to effect real change on a grassroots level. The role is open to people from diverse backgrounds. Some councillors are retired, some have jobs, some have their own businesses. The Council is particularly open to recruiting across the diverse spectrum of Tring. You need to be passionate about Tring and its people and be able to devote several hours a week to the role, on a voluntary basis. There is no typical week, but here are some of the things councillors have done this week:

  • Met with residents who are concerned about anti-social behaviour
  • Visited a sculptor who wishes to make a donation to the council
  • Attended and contributed to a council meeting where the future of a public building was discussed, amongst other topics

If you think you’re the person for the job, please email the Town Clerk, Lydia Housden at by Friday 10 June.