Council launches learning from lockdown survey

Living Magazines Learning from lockdown survey

Tell the Council how your habits changed over lockdown for the chance to win a £25 gift card.

Dacorum Borough Council are running a short online sustainability survey to understand how lockdown has affected people’s daily routines, and identify how we can embrace any positive changes that could help to benefit the environment and our communities.

Many have adapted to a different way of life due to lockdown and adopted new habits – with many positive effects on the environment. For example, how many of these green habits have you done more of since lockdown began?

  • Walking and cycling more and driving less
  • Working from home more
  • Spending time in more natural spaces to help manage physical and mental health
  • Spending more time gardening and growing food
  • Sharing items second hand and making or mending items
  • Connecting with neighbours and local community groups to share shopping, food, tools and skills

These types of changes are exactly what we need as our battle against the Climate Emergency continues.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Andrew Williams, said: ‘Every journey not driven, every extra seed that has been sown and every item not needlessly bought have all helped to give our environment a much needed break. The information provided in this survey will help us to understand how instead of going ‘back to normal’, we can move forwards, to help create a greener, healthier borough.’

To take part in the survey, please visit

The closing date for the survey is 31 August 2020. There will be a random prize draw with four chances for participants to win a £25 gift voucher.