COVID Information Champions Network

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Hertfordshire’s Neighbourhood Watch has joined the Herts COVID Information Champions network. The network has been set up by Community Help Hertfordshire in partnership with Herts County Council to help empower residents by sharing the latest advice about COVID, so that you can help your family, friends and community make sense of the facts and make informed choices.

COVID Information Champions will receive the latest facts and figures each week, by email or Whatsapp; access to the network of information and materials in different languages; and access to the Covid Info Champions Facebook page and website. Champions are also encouraged to feed back to Community Help Hertfordshire what is happening in the local community and any concerns raised. If you would like to become a COVID Information Champion, or find out more about the network, please see the attached leaflet. See also this March 10 Update.

Some recent information from the COVID Information Champions network includes:

If you are age 65+ and have not yet had your first Covid-19 vaccination, you are encouraged to contact the NHS to book your appointment without waiting for an invitation. Visit www.nhs.covid-vaccination or call 119 if you cannot book online.

Covid-19 Vaccines: Scientific Evidence and Reassurance can be found at:

Adults with Learning Difficulties will soon be contacted for their vaccination. Easy read resources can be found at:

Resources in other languages for people who may be hesitant about having the vaccine can be found at: Current Guidance (

We have also attached a top tips guide from the NHS in regards to attending vaccination appointments that we hope you will find useful.