Electric Umbrella Secures 1,000 Instruments – Before Christmas!

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A charity which creates amazing, live interactive music experiences with learning disabled people, has reached its target to secure the donation of 1,000 instruments before Christmas.

Electric Umbrella launched a national appeal in October to encourage people with unplayed or unloved instruments to donate them.

And the general public did not disappoint, with instruments arriving from all corners of the UK.

As well as hundreds of donations from individuals, who used Electric Umbrella’s Freepost service, a number of other charities and businesses got behind the campaign lending their support.

All donated instruments will be repaired, re-purposed or adapted by Electric Umbrella’s members providing invaluable work experience and training opportunities for the learning disabled community. Once repaired and restored, some of the instruments will be sold to raise funds for the charity.

The charity has already made some truly amazing instruments such as drum kits that strap on to wheelchairs, banana pianos, and a drill guitar which was invented so that a band member could use his foot to play the instrument.

What happens next is every bit as important as today’s milestone announcement.

Electric Umbrella CEO Mel Boda comments: ‘We are absolutely delighted to have reached our 1000 instrument target in time for Christmas.

‘We have been blown away by the generosity of our supporters, from bagpipes to a full marching band kit, clarinets to guitars we have received so many amazing gifts from all over the country.

‘Not only will this help us to raise funds for our work, the campaign has given our members so many opportunities to get involved – whether that’s helping out on collection roadtrips or joining us to sort through the musical treasure.

‘This involvement will continue into the New Year where members will play a key role in helping us to repurpose and resell these generous donations. Members will be part of the crew!

‘We are passionate about creating meaningful opportunities for learning disabled people who all too often are left behind, they are capable of so much and it’s a privilege to be involved in their journeys.’

Crew member Ali Milne who will be working as part of the Instruments for Change programme says: ‘I think this has been one big success. I would like to say thank you and well done to everyone who has helped us. I’m looking forward to being a member of the crew in January, and in particular heading out on the road to different schools!’