Emotional and Mental Support during Covid-19

Living Magazines Angie Elbourn

Emotional and mental support can be just as important as medical help at these unpleasant times. People worrying about their loved ones, their jobs, their financial situation now and into the future is putting many under immense mental strain.

Many people are needing help now and once this pandemic is over (and it will be) they are going to need a wide range of help and ongoing support for their mental wellbeing and recovery from these troubling times. Angie Elbourn, a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist who lives in Weston Turville, has been helping people with their issues for over 30 years said, ‘Although I cannot currently take on new clients face to face, I am able to offer help via the Telephone, Skype and WhatsApp Video link.’

Angie went on to say, ‘There are many ‘lockdown’ coping strategies but two that I would highly recommend are Structure and Distraction. It is important to have a structure to your days, almost like a programme that you follow each day doing set tasks at set times so that it breaks it up and makes it seem less endless. Negativity can  be a big problem in such troubled times and it is important to Distract negative thoughts, doing such things as gardening if you are lucky enough to have one, reading, any hobby activity, when did you last do a jigsaw? Write, letters or poetry. Anything that distracts your mind even for a little while can be of benefit. If you are feeling anxious it can help to write your feelings down. Plan what you want to do when the restrictions are lifted. Try some exercise. Put on some happy music and dance around your room.

The Stay at Home Rule can be very challenging for many people by highlighting the breakdown in communication that has developed over years of living together and not really talking. They can now find it hard to be forced to spend long periods of time in each other’s company which brings its own stress with. Learn to talk again to your spouse, partner, children, relations, call friends, people that you have not been in touch with for some time.

Angie is available on Telephone, Skype or WhatsApp Video, and Face to Face after lockdown. For more information on Angie go to her web site www.hypnohelp.co.