Event Planning Made Easy with Oligra Events

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Earlier this summer, Oligra Events joined the growing list of local businesses. Founded by best friends Keet and Sara, Oligra offers a full range of event planning services for all types of celebration – weddings, birthdays, corporate events, charity events – you name it!

As every client and every event is unique, Oligra’s tailored packages ensure that you get the support you need, whatever stage you are at in the planning process. From full event management to event planning and on the day coordination – Oligra can be as involved as you’d like them to be.

Inspired by the arrival of their daughters, Olive and Grace, the pair set up the business with family at its core. ‘We have both spent our working lives in fast-paced, demanding full-time roles. Becoming mothers has given us a fresh perspective. While we still want to be great businesswomen, we also want to be ‘present’ to watch our girls grow and be there for all their ‘firsts’,’ said co-founder, Keet.

Event planning has been a key part of Keet and Sara’s professional roles in the corporate and charity sectors for many years and a hobby outside the office, which has seen them arrange many celebrations for family and friends. With their shared experience, the pair have turned their passion into a business, driven by wanting to show Olive and Grace the importance of following their dreams and that women can do it all.

‘Enjoying special occasions with family, friends and colleagues is what life is all about, but we are all so busy these days we don’t do enough of it. We want to help people enjoy more of these special moments by giving them the support needed to make it happen. We love bringing people together and helping to create memorable experiences,’ said co-founder, Sara.

Living Magazines Oligra Events logoSo next time you’re looking to host an event, why not drop Oligra a message? You might have a vision for your event but not enough time to plan. Or maybe you want to host a spectacular event but not sure where to begin. Perhaps you’ve got all the planning sorted but want some extra hands on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly. Whatever stage you are at in the planning process, Oligra will help you realise the event of your dreams.

To find out more about Oligra’s services, visit their website. You can also follow their journey on Instagram @oligraevents and Facebook @oligraeventsplanning.