Exclusive Discount for London’s FRAMELESS

Living Magazines Frameless Foyer (Credit - Richard Blake)

Readers of Berkhamsted and Tring Living Magazines can receive an exclusive discount to FRAMELESS – a 30,000 square foot multi-sensory art attraction, the biggest of its kind in the UK and not one to be missed when visiting central London. Visit before Friday 30 June to take advantage of the discount. Further details below.

Located just a few short steps from Marble Arch, Frameless is a culturally rich, immersive, multi-dimensional, entertainment experience, the biggest of its kind in the UK. Among the many world-class attractions in London, Frameless is set to become a major new landmark and cultural destination for visitors to the capital.  

Covering 30,000 square feet, Frameless is a multi-sensory and highly Instagram-able experience, presented using the very latest interactive projection technology that breaks the boundaries of art in a unique way. Frameless is a thought leader in the immersion of art and technology, which means exciting learning potential for children and adults.

The perfect destination for an outing with the kids, visitors of all ages, from little ones, to teens, and grandparents alike can explore ‘Beyond Reality’, ‘Colour in Motion’, ‘The World Around Us’ and ‘The Art of Abstraction’, each offering a variety of sensory experiences. For younger children, it’s an interactive space where the individual brushstrokes can be physically moved to paint an historic Van Gogh masterpiece, whilst for older children every shape can be studied up close to begin to understand the mind behind the paintbrush.

Taking creativity beyond the galleries, families and friendship groups can enjoy an artistic afternoon tea inspired by Kandinsky at the elegant Café Bar adjacent to the kids’ art studio. A delectable revolving menu serving breakfast bites and lunchtime delights, including children’s sandwiches and soft drinks to feed their curiosity.  

In total, Frameless showcases 43 different interactive digital interpretations of masterpieces by 31 iconic artists including Canaletto, Cézanne, Dalí, Kandinsky, Klimt, Monet, Rembrandt and van Gogh. Families will experience dynamic artwork as they journey through four skillfully curated galleries:

The BEYOND REALITY gallery will plunge families into a mind-bending journey beyond the boundaries of realism, into the surrealist mindsets of (in)famous artists. Here, visitors can admire otherworldly, and dreamlike artworks from the likes of Bosch, Klimt and Munch. 

Creativity will run wild in the COLOUR IN MOTION gallery, as guests have the rare opportunity to influence and interact with artist masterpieces from artists including Monet, Signac and van Gogh. The level of technology immersion in art here is unlike anything else that can be found in London or beyond. 

Families will be transported to a series of spectacular and often emotionally engaging worldviews in THE WORLD AROUND US gallery. 360-degree landscapes will completely envelop visitors in the beauty of our world, with artworks from Cézanne, Canaletto and Rembrandt. 

Finally, children and parents can enjoy the incredible, emotive music as they wind their way through a network of colour, shape and form in THE ART OF ABSTRACTION gallery, and enjoy artworks from Kandinsky and Modrian.  

Set to a score of specially composed music curated by award-winning composers Nick Powell and Ron Colvard, each gallery has a bespoke soundtrack and soundscape with much of it triggered by the visitors themselves as they move around.

To book your tickets and claim the discount, enter the code:  FRAMELESSHALFTERM10 which will work only with this link: www.ticketmaster.co.uk/frameless-tickets/artist/5386054?did=inf10. The code is active NOW until Friday 30 June.

Image: Frameless Foyer, credit Richard Blake