Exercise, Socialise and Feel Good In Mother Nature’s Gym

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There’s no doubt about it: exercising together in nature benefits both body and mind. It can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and support mild to moderate depression. Even when there are a few clouds, you will get a burst of Vitamin D which is so important for bone health. You burn more calories outdoors than performing the same exercise indoors, with the climate and terrain offering constant challenges. And socialising while you exercise means you will likely be able to sustain a longer workout. Last, but definitely not least, when you feel the need for a boost of the ‘feel good’ hormone dopamine, you need look no further than getting outdoors for a good long walk with friends.

Walking with poles uses considerably more muscle power than ordinary walking or running. You will use 90% of your major muscles as it engages your upper body as well as working the lower body harder too! You can burn 20-40% more calories, and walking with poles takes the pressure off your knees and joints, meaning it’s great for any back and neck problems too. Even a short walk can really make a difference. Walx Ridgeway offer several 90-minute ‘Power of Poles’ Courses to let you see just how much fun you have while exercising.

In Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, your local Walx and Nordic Walking groups offer a great range of sessions for all ages and physical abilities. Walx masters and guides are professional, qualified and passionate about making your Walx unforgettable. They teach you the technique to get the most out of walking with poles, and to provide you with support and encouragement. You can choose from workout walks, rehab walks and Adventure Challenges, as well as Pilates and yoga.

There’s a great choice, too, of online sessions to complement all outdoor activities. When allowed, all walks are Covid-safe, but even when not allowed to walk in the usual groups, you can ‘Zoom’ along to online classes to stay connected and keep active.

Walx Ridgeway are a sociable, community-focused group – they chat while they walk, making new friends and enjoying spending time together. There’s no big expense, either. All you need is a smile and pair of sturdy walking boots.

To find out more, check www.walxridgeway.co.uk or contact Karen@vivo-shapehealthlife.co.uk.