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I first met Suzanne through networking some years ago and I’m aware of the challenges that she has faced in the past. Her plan for the Grand Slam is quite extraordinary and I asked her to share the information for our magazine readers…

In 2018 I was starting to seriously think about taking on the mountaineering challenge called the Seven Summits – climbing the highest peak on each continent. I love being in the mountains and have been climbing and mountaineering since the Army introduced me to it back in 1997. I had also been harbouring a desire to go to the Poles so when I stumbled across The Adventure Grand Slam and discovered there was actually an official challenge that incorporated both a new idea started to take shape and Expedition Endeavour was born.

To complete the Adventure Grand Slam I will be climbing:

  • Kosciuzko (2228m) in Australia
  • Carstenz Pyramid (4884m) in Oceania
  • Vinson (4897m) in Antarctica
  • Elbrus (5642m) in Europe
  • Kilimanjaro (5895m) in Africa
  • Denali (6194m) in North America
  • Aconcagua (6960m) in South America
  • Everest (8848m) in Asia
  • as well as skiing the last degree to both the North and South poles.

Not many have completed the challenge and even fewer have done it in one continuous push. It is not an easy challenge! The current female world record for the Adventure Grand Slam is 238 days 23 hours & 30 minutes, set by Masha Gordon in 2016. In December 2020 I will set out on my attempt to complete the challenge over 7 months (about 210 days).

Following a diagnosis of depression in early 2012 I hid away from the world and experienced more times than I care to count when I wanted to end it all. I am now very thankful that I didn’t act on those desires but it took me several years of self- development to really come through it. I came to realise that depression and anxiety have been with me since childhood. It is still a daily process to challenge and change the thought and belief patterns that I had developed but I now firmly believe that we are all infinitely more capable than we think we are. I made myself a vow that I was not going to allow mental health illness to either define me or to hold me back in life.

In order to get this record breaking attempt off the ground I have to raise a huge amount of funding so am looking for businesses and individuals willing to invest in the endeavour. The expedition is also raising funds and awareness for two vital veteran’s charities – Blesma and Combat Stress who support and assist our Armed Service veterans physically or mentally injured through service to their country. To that end, any donations made through the Expedition Go Fund Me page will be split with 50% going to the expedition pot and 50% going to the charities.

There is also the exclusive Expedition Endeavour 100 Club – quite simply 100 individuals, groups or businesses willing to donate £1000 which will also be split 50/50 (that’s a potential £50,000 raised for the charities!)

For potential corporate investors there are the bronze, silver, gold and platinum sponsorship packages which aim to give you a maximum return on your investment.

Please visit the Go Fund Me page to find out more or contact me at suzanneturner1583@gmail.com for a digital copy of the sponsorship proposal. I will, of course, be delighted to share more information should you wish to know more!

You can follow my progress through the training and preparation phase as well as the expedition itself on social media via Instagram @suzanneturneradventure or Facebook: Suzanne’s Challenge Page.

Thank you and I look forward to sharing this epic journey with you!