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Plan a few quiet nights in reading one of these books, all with a local interest

Before We Grow Old
By Clare Swatman

Former Living Magazines editor Clare has just published her latest book, Before We Grow Old. This love story spans  20 years, as it examines how love can last a lifetime, even if events interrupt the course of true love.

As always, Clare writes beautifully, bringing a whole host of emotions for the reader. Fran and Will were planning to  marry, until Will’s mum died and he moved across the world. When they meet each other by chance 20 years later,  their romance is rekindled, but will love be easier for them second time around? A lovely, gentle read, that also takes  you for a ride on an emotional rollercoaster!

Clare lives in Berkhamsted with her husband and two boys.

The Leviathan
By Rosie Andrews

Living Magazines book The LeviathanIf you’re a fan of books such as The Familiars and The Binding by Stacey Halls, and Philippa Gregory’s Dark Tides,  Rosie Andrews’ debut novel will be right up your street. Rosie cleverly combines a historical novel with a sinister,  gothic atmosphere to create a compelling read that will keep you gripped until the very end.

Thomas Treadwater comes home from the Civil War in 1643 when his sister informs him that a new servant has been accused of improper conduct with their widowed father. He arrives home to find his father has suffered a stroke and  the servant has been imprisoned for witchcraft. As Thomas endeavours to unravel the mystery he encounters  something dark and ancient…

Our Bookshop in Tring recently hosted an evening with Rosie Andrews and signed copies of The Leviathan are  available in store. Rosie lives in Hemel Hempstead with her husband and daughter.

The Women of Rothschild
By Natalie Livingstone

Living Magazines book The Women of RothschildThe Women of Rothschild tells the untold story of the women of this most famous banking dynasty.

The Rothschild women had fascinating lives. They broke code at Bletchley Park, played a major role in the  environmental movement, and even introduced the overarm serve in women’s tennis!

They had many links with the surrounding area: Constance de Rothschild taught in the Jews’ Free Schools around  the family estate of Aston Clinton, while Hannah de Rothschild eventually inherited Mentmore.

Miriam Rothschild, meanwhile, inherited a love of nature from her father Charles, as well as her uncle Walter’s collection of moths and butterflies, and the editorship of the Tring Museum journal.

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