Crime Rates in Berkhamsted and Tring: Tips for Ensuring Your Safety and Security

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In recent years, the areas of Berkhamsted and Tring in Hertfordshire have seen an increase in reported crimes which has resulted in a cause for concern for residents. There are many things you can do if you live in this area to keep you and your family safe and to protect yourself and your belongings should you ever encounter any criminal activity. This article will provide actionable advice to help residents living in these areas know how to keep out of harm’s way and offer tips on how to stay vigilant.

Understanding current crime trends

Statistics from Hertfordshire Constabulary offer a clear picture of the current crime trends that have been more prevalent within the areas of Berkhamsted and Tring in the last three years. The local police reports suggest that criminal activity such as anti-social behaviour and violent or sexual offences have been within the thousands, while criminal damage and vehicle crime are also prevalent within these areas.

It is understandable that residents in Berkhamsted and Tring are concerned about the above current crime trends, and that is why it is vital that extra caution is taken when you are spending time in the community. There are many ways you can ensure you are protected against such criminal activity, some of which will be highlighted below.

Home security measures

Enhancing your current home security systems is a great way to make sure that your home and your belongings are safe should the worst happen and someone tries to gain access to your property to engage in criminal activity.

Some of the ways you can deter potential intruders are by installing security cameras such as doorbell that connects to your mobile device or ensuring that all of your windows and doors are fitted with robust locks.

You should also make sure you keep your valuables safely stored within your home and always communicate with your neighbours to report any suspicious activity you may encounter.

Personal safety precautions

Feeling safe when you are out of your home is of the utmost importance, and that’s why you have to do everything within your power to minimise your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Consider avoiding isolated areas, especially at night, and keep all of your personal belongings safe and secure and out of sight.

If you own a vehicle, you also need to make sure that it is secure when you are out of the home. Consider protecting your vehicle with devices such as a steering lock, and make sure to take out gap insurance just in case.

Support within the community

Community engagement is crucial when it comes to dealing with crime within the area. Residents living in Berkhamsted and Tring should ensure they come together to report any suspicious activity or crimes they may encounter to the local police force, and raise public awareness by sharing any information they have with fellow neighbours and members of the community.